Rules & regulations for facility management services company formation in Dubai

September 13, 2023

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Over the recent years, the government of UAE has been working on strengthening the different laws related to business operations. These laws are to ensure the safety of the service providers and also the customers.

The government has been tightening the laws to eliminate loopholes in the business operating regulations.

For example, a restaurant needs to acquire a food license before it can start operating in the market. These restaurants also need to go through routine checks which determine whether the health and safety standards, set by the appropriate departments, are met. This is to ensure the quality of food provided to the customers is safe and healthy.

Rules & regulations for facility management services company formation in Dubai

In the year 2010, it was announced that the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, RERA, will be setting up new rules and regulations according to which the Facility Management (FM) organizations will be graded. This meant that the facility management companies would be reviewed for their expertise. After which it would be decided whether the company met the requirements to continue providing all of their services. Furthermore, this classification was to decide which companies were allowed to provide facility management services to specific properties.

  1. In order to maintain the professional standards, the Middle East Facility Management Association, MEMFA,      stated that facility management companies and facility management professionals will be provided with separate kinds of license. This is because small scale service providers may not be able to handle large scaled projects. Any minute mistake can cause fines for the service provider which may cause the business setup in UAE to suffer.
  2. Providing appropriate kinds of licenses will help determine which services are better provided by the companies. The companies can then work on upgrading and strengthening their best qualities.
  3. The three main issues identified for the facility management companies were sustainability, costs an transparency. However, work has been done to eradicate these issues. For example, a board member of MEFMA stated that the association has been working in order to increase the lifespan of buildings by 10- years from the current 30 years.

These rules and regulations are to help provide a better environment for the facility management companies in the industry. The upgraded framework, facility management companies are required to follow, will allow them to concentrate more on their good traits and therefore, grow smoothly and make use of the business opportunities in UAE.

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Obtaining the appropriate kind of license is very important for a new business setup in Dubai. The license not only grants permission to provide specific services, but it also helps give the business setup in UAE a professional appearance. This appearance creates a trustworthy aura for the business, which appeals to the clients and creates more business opportunities in UAE.

However, obtaining these licenses is difficult for people who are new business owners. In order to register their business setup in Dubai for the license, there are several procedures a business has to go through. Professional business consultants such as KWS Middle East provide services that make license registrations for new business owners an easy task. They also help in visa processing and bank account opening.

As KWS Middle East works closely with both governmental and non-governmental departments, they are well-aware of the updated regulations related to business operations. This makes the process of obtaining the license more efficient and inexpensive.

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