Company Formation

Company Formation in Dubai Media City (DMC)

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Company Formation

Dubai Media City Free Zone

Among the most different of things that the UAE has, Dubai Media City is one of them. The free zone was established in 2001 with the aim of helping all sectors of the media industry to grow and become successful in the UAE. The Dubai free zone provides just the right environment and world class equipment that complements the goals that are being pursued through the encouragement of media and its branches.

The free zone has been able to pull a huge number of companies towards itself. A figure of more than 2000 media companies is said to be involved in relevant business activities in the Dubai Media City today, thereby expanding the range of products being provided by the free zone. The provisions of the media city free zone have been successful at attracting big names like CNN and Sony.

It is no surprise that with names as big as the ones mentioned above, the smaller firms are also sensing the opportunity to succeed in the field by setting up operations in the Dubai free zone.

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Why Dubai Media City Free Zone to start business in Dubai

Some features make Dubai Media City investor friendly:

  1. The companies are not liable to pay any taxes to the government. Corporate taxes are also not collected from companies in the media city.
  2. Foreign investors can own 100% shares of their company without the need to engage a local sponsor.
  3. Setting up a business in the media city is quick and easy.
  4. Premium quality infrastructure has been provided for media companies to produce top notch content.
  5. All profits can be returned to the home country by the investors.
  6. Residence and work permits for those who are working in the media city are easily available.

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Company Formation

Types of Companies in DMC

Incorporating of Free zone LLC Company

One of the major issues that investors face is the paper work and long processes that work as friction between investment and prospects. Here are some of the steps you need to follow:

  1. Submission of filled application for incorporation of a LLC company in the DMC.
  2. Once all the required documents have been collected and submitted, the DTM will provide the customer confirmation letter.
  3. This letter will be signed and returned to the DTM with the fees associated with company incorporation.
  4. Copy of the property lease contract will also be required by the authorities.

Branch office & Freelance permit

Branch office

A parent company, which can be a foreign company, can open up its branches in the Dubai Media City. The process is quick and smooth as made by the authorities.

Freelance permit

Even if there are freelancers who are willing to work in the DMC, the law requires them to be registered and go through the process that makes them an official part of the free zone. A proper application form has to be submitted along with all the required documents.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As mentioned above, setting up a company in the DMC is easy and the requirements for this are also not too many:


    • Business plan must be submitted to the authorities.
    • Required documents and the application form must be submitted together.
    • Information about the legal representative must be provided to the authorities.
    • Passport copy of the manager, director and shareholder of the company is required.


    For a corporate shareholding company, the following documents are required:


    • Passport copy of the manager, director and shareholder of the company is required.
    • Business plan must be submitted.
    • Information about the legal representative is required to be submitted.
    • Certificate of Incorporation is required to be submitted.

    A business setup in Dubai Media City can enjoy all the incentives that the authorities has provided to companies formed within the free zone, without any questioning. A list of facilities provided to businesses can be seen below:


    • A number of business center Dubai are available for businesses to use. A business center Dubai provides meeting rooms, conference halls and office spaces.
    • Property has been constructed and defined for businesses and investors to buy in the free zone.
    • Premium quality infrastructure is provided for use by the companies.
    • Commercial office spaces, both predesigned and customized, are available.
    • Boutique villas and parking spaces are two important amenities provided to investors.
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