Top 10 benefits of forming business in Dubai mainland

Benefits of forming business in Dubai mainland
November 28, 2023

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For the last three decades, the UAE has undergone a huge business transformation and industrial revolution. Especially, the city of Dubai has become one of the most successful and prosperous cities of the world from a local trading community. There are many benefits of forming business in Dubai mainland in 2024.

Firstly, there is no restriction on the scope of its business in case of commercial and professional licenses. Thanks to the new laws, having an Emirati local sponsor is no longer a requirement for company establishment in Dubai. So, it is valuable for new entrepreneurs as they don’t have to worry for arranging a sponsorship.

Mainland company in Dubai is an onshore company that can carry out its business activities in the local market. Moreover, it covers the whole of Dubai, other areas of United Arab Emirates, and even valid outside the UAE. Mainland companies deliver certain rewards to entrepreneurs over free zones.

Why choose Dubai for mainland company formation?

Today, Dubai has become one of the most attractive destinations for tourists and businessmen alike. Dubai resides on a geographical strategic location that combines East and West with a market of over 2.2 billion consumers. Its plus points are government’s business friendly policies, infrastructural facilities, and a diverse pool of skillful human resources.

Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for business setup in Dubai inside the mainland. Therefore, it oversees company registration, business licensing, commercial compliance, and consumer protection in Dubai. DED encourages and eases the process of new business formation in the mainland.

Once, appointing a UAE national as a local sponsor was a pre-requisite for the formation of mainland company in Dubai. In turn, the general shareholding pattern of a Dubai mainland company was UAE national sponsor [51%] and foreign shareholder(s) [49%]. Foreign investors can hold 100% ownership of the mainland companies during 2024.

Nonetheless, local sponsors can prove advantageous in another way. You can use them as business activity partners and financial backers. For profit sharing between local sponsor and foreign investor, mainland business in Dubai offer a flexible legal arrangement.

A sponsor can be paid a fixed annual fee, percentage of sales or percentage of profits. Among these, fixed annual fees is most popular, as it allows foreign investor to retain 100% control of his business. Local sponsor or sleeping partner will not have involvement in business activities or profit sharing.

Advantages of setting up mainland business in Dubai

Numerous benefits of forming business in Dubai mainland make it a preferable choice for entrepreneurs through 2024.

  • There is no minimum capital requirement for the formation of a mainland company.
  • Mainland companies can trade with other mainland companies in Dubai or the UAE.
  • They have the flexibility to do their business in any part of the UAE or beyond. This feature sets them apart from free zones companies, because latter companies are bound to operate their business in their respective free zone.
  • Mainland companies also have more options for business activities unlike free zone businesses. For example, companies in Dubai Media City must work in the media or closely related industries. However, there is no such limitation for mainland business and it can open up to wider UAE economy with much scope of diversity.
  • There is no limitation on the number of visas on mainland license. Nevertheless, the eligibility to obtain visas depends upon office space. The more office space you have, the more number of visas you may get.
  • Mainland businesses can choose their office location anywhere in Dubai. This feature allows them not only to trade within the local market. Also, they can open up multiple branches of the company thus enabling them to build a strong presence in UAE.
  • There is no currency restriction for mainland business in Dubai.
  • Mainland companies can take on governmental work unlike free zone companies. The latter are prohibited from undertaking government contracts and are only allowed to carry out private commercial work.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits are admissible for mainland businesses.
  • Registration process for mainland companies is simple and hassle free.
  • Also, there is no yearly audit requirement for mainland businesses.

Corporate tax in Dubai mainland and UAE

These are the slabs for qualified persons and companies in Dubai mainland.

  • Qualified persons and mainland companies earning up to 375,000 AED (about USD $100,000) are exempt from the corporate tax.
  • However, mainland companies generating over 375,000 AED revenue are subject to 9% corporate tax on profits from June 2023.
  • Large multinational firms whose profits are above EUR 750 million are bound to pay a 15% tax.


These above factors have made a crucial role in making Dubai a dynamic business hub. Business consultants facilitate entrepreneurs in the formation of their mainland businesses in Dubai. Furthermore, they help them to find a local sponsor, appropriate business premises, financial assistance, or handling legal documentation formalities.

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