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Legal Translation Service in Dubai

KWS-ME streamlines Dubai business setup, from optimal structures to efficient incorporation, ensuring a seamless path to success.

Business Support

Legal Translation Service in Dubai

Arabic is the official language of UAE. Therefore you must know that during the process of your business setup in Dubai, all government authorities will accept your company formation documents only if they are submitted in Arabic and stamped. Any miscommunication in business and legal contracts can lead to serious consequences in future.

While you are not expected to learn the local language, we at KWSME provide professional English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services having the best quality, at the most affordable rate and in a stipulated time frame. We also provide complimentary pickup and delivery of your original and translated documents anywhere in UAE.

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WHY KWS Middle East for Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

Business Support

KWS Middle East Legal Business Translation Services

Legal Translation

Legal translation requires highly specialized skills. It should be carried out according to the context of original source documents and be accurately translated to produce 100% perfection with exact meanings and expression similar to that of original.

KWSME with a team of translators who are duly accredited and authorized by Ministry of Justice pay a special attention to legal translation in the way to protect our clients from any legal problems. Our translation service package includes providing clients with power of attorney, company formation documents such as Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, certificates, employment contracts, confidential agreements, sales and purchase agreements, local service agent agreements, commercial lease agreements and all type of legal documents that must be certified and approved for official use.

Our legal translators have deep knowledge of all types of legal terminologies that will lead to the desired meaning of translated documents as well as have an understanding of the companies, civil, personal, labour, residency and naturalization, family laws and regulations which are applied within UAE.

Commercial Translation

Do not ruin your hard work by getting your advertising materials, brochures and other commercial materials badly translated. Choose KWS Middle East and get your perfect commercial translation services which will take your business up to the brand new level.

Our commercial translators offer translation services for all your marketing needs whether it’s marketing materials, press releases, reports, letters, newspaper or magazines articles, accounting and management documents, etc.

We dare to claim that our translators are amongst the best in the industry that deliver you culture-sensitive commercial translation and localization services to represent your materials to the global audience and ensure that your message is being correctly taken by your target audience.

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Correctly translated and proofread documents play a crucial role in a company’s success since it stakes its professional reputation on the accuracy of the translated document. With KWSME top-quality proofreading services, we assure you that the target document is thoroughly checked for uniformity and is free from grammatical and sentence construction errors. Quality is central to the way we work; our proofreaders ensure the perfection and excellence of the final document before it is published or submitted in a journal or website.

If the thought of writing fills you with apprehension, our content-editing and proofreading service can help. Our team of specialists is all involved in the business of writing and they all have an excellent command of the native language and in-depth detail of target audience.

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