Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

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Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Offshore company formation in Ajman was initiated in 2014. Ajman Offshore Company falls under the jurisdiction of the Ajman Free Zone Authority. It has gained a reputation as the most sought after offshore jurisdictions in the world. Strategic location, competitive investment privileges and the hassle free process of incorporation and credibility of Ajman Emirate as one of the fastest growing regions has lured investors to establish offshore company in Ajman.

Setting up an offshore company in Ajman is inexpensive and time efficient. Ajman offshore companies are also non-resident companies, they are not given operating licenses rather they are issued a company incorporation certificate. Ajman offshore company cannot conduct business within the United Arab Emirates. The shareholders however are permitted to invest in UAE companies.

Unlike other emirates, minimum two directors are required for Ajman offshore company registration. A director or shareholder must be physically present in Ajman Free Zone office, along with a registered agent, and personally sign the documents. Moreover, offshore companies are required to conduct annual audits and hold meetings in the presence of an auditor.

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Company Formation

Registered Agent

It is necessary to have a registered agent to interrelate with Ajman Authority with regards to Ajman Offshore Company Formation. KWSME assists in the Ajman Offshore company formation as we are business consultants in Dubai and provide company formation services. We help you save time, money and efforts by handling all the paperwork and getting all approvals from Ajman free zone authorities.

Additionally, we possess a large backing of experience in Ajman offshore company Formation. We can set up an offshore company in Ajman in two to three working days at an attractive price and a package that includes feasibility studies and legal advice. We assure you of complete privacy and your financial information will be kept confidential at all times.

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Company Formation

Other Important Points

Advantages of Ajman Offshore Company Registration

Characteristics of Ajman Offshore Company Formation

  1. Shareholders: For registration as an Ajman offshore company, it is mandatory to have a minimum of one shareholder. Corporate shareholders are sufficient in Ajman Offshore Company formation. Shareholders will have the option to decide the capital structure of the Ajman offshore company. A single class of shares allowed however bearer shares is not permissible.
  2. Directors: To setup Ajman Offshore Company, a minimum of two directors are required who are not corporate directors. The same shareholder (s) may also act as director of the Ajman offshore company.
  3. Secretary: A secretary is mandatory for an Ajman offshore company. A director can be a secretary as well.
  4. Restrictions on Name & Activity: The name of the offshore company in Ajman must have the suffix “Limited”.
  5. Local Requirements: An official registered agent must be appointed for an Ajman Offshore Company. A registered agent’s office in the UAE will function as the registered office of the Ajman offshore company.
  6. Timescale: Registration of the Ajman Offshore will take roughly 2 to 3 working days. Shareholders or their authorized attorneys must sign documents in presence of AFZA executives for Ajman Offshore company formation.
  7. Confidentiality: The details of shareholders & directors will be filed with Ajman authorities but will not be public.


Ajman offshore is not permitted to:

Documents Required for Ajman offshore Company Formation

Requirements for corporate shareholders are:

Activities Allowed for Ajman Offshore Company

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