UAE Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Do you want offshore company formation in Dubai? Take assistance from KWS Middle East for successful offshore company registration in the UAE. Using optimal structures, KWS ME puts your Dubai offshore company on the path to success.

Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Any legal entity established with the purpose of making profit, outside the country of residence is an offshore company. Such a company is often formed in a tax-free haven or an offshore financial center and is also known as International Business Company (IBC) or Non-Resident Company (NRC).

Being a Non-Resident Company means that shareholders do not get visa and there is no physical office for offshore company in UAE. Furthermore, Dubai offshore companies are not issued an operating license which means they cannot conduct manufacturing, trading or professional services in UAE. They are often incorporated for the purpose of managing offshore wealth, mutual funds, properties, hotels etc. They are only granted certificate of incorporation.

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UAE Offshore Company Advantages

Benefits of an Offshore Company in Dubai, UAE

Create a UAE Offshore Company in Dubai with elite consultants

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Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Overview of Offshore Company Incorporation in Dubai, UAE

Why incorporate an Offshore Company in UAE?

Unlike other tax-free havens of the world, UAE offers a trustworthy and reliable structure to offshore companies because it is an independent country with a glorious record for promoting a rich, flourishing culture for international trade, investment, and business.

Continuing with its zero-tax policy and other forms of duty exemptions UAE is considered as a very attractive destination for prospective investors wanting to establish offshore companies here. Investors can live, invest, run businesses and manage their offshore companies by being here in UAE.UAE does not have any agreement with any country which makes it binding upon UAE to share or exchange business related information with other governments.

Furthermore, UAE has Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with a number of countries which ensures that a company’s products will not become less competitive by getting taxed twice.

Why Choose KWS ME for UAE Offshore Company Formation?

KWS Middle East are well known for our fastest, safest and legitimate services because of our close liaison with UAE authorities as well as our international expertise which will help you in your offshore presence in UAE on schedule.

Offshore company formation services of KWS ME help you in registration of your company and our PRO services assist you in dealing with relevant government agencies. We also offer our clients assistance in creation of bank account, labor, legal, financial services and various other business support services.

With KWS-ME, you can register your Dubai offshore company even if you are not physically present for its incorporation in UAE. Our offshore company formation packages include:

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