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Professional License in Dubai

Do you want to start a professional company in Dubai? KWS ME helps you in getting a professional license in Dubai. From optimal structures to efficient incorporation, we place you on a seamless path to success.

UAE Professional License

Start a Professional Company in Dubai

How to start a Professional Company in Dubai?

To open a professional firm in the UAE, you need to acquire a professional license in Dubai for your business. A professional license is necessary for the provision of non-physical services that require physical talent, or intellectual abilities. For example, consultancy, bookkeeping, graphic designing, etc.

Professional license is issued to individual(s) or an LLC to practice any profession in which the business relies on intellectual skills and/or physical work. Also, the business activities does not only involve monetary investments alone. Now foreign investors can own 100% share of a mainland professional company in Dubai.

There is no more requirement of a UAE national to hold the 51% share of the LLC professional company. Whereas, as per Article 3 of the legal document of memorandum, the duties and obligations of the second party towards the first party and others are limited to extending the legal experience of an ordinary man in order to enable the first party to carry out its activity in the emirate of Dubai. For instance, to assist in obtaining and renewing the professional license and to assist in obtaining the necessary employment visas and renewing the same with the ministry of labour and social affairs and other governmental and semi-governmental departments and bodies.

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Professional Company vs Civil Company

Differences between Professional Company and Civil Company

What are differences between Professional Company and Civil Company?

A professional company enables a licensed professional to conduct practice as a legal entity, while giving liability protection and tax benefits. It is also known as professional corporation (PC), professional service corporation (PSC), and professional association (PA). Some examples of the professionals are engineers, lawyers, doctors, physicians, designers, accountants, etc.

Whereas, a civil company is a business partnership of two or more professionals to perform service-related activities. All the partners involved in this venture must possess a professional degree in their specific field. Also, the owners of a civil company can have any nationality.

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Professional Company License

Overview of a Professional License in Dubai

Benefits of a Professional Company in Dubai

Which are advantages of a Professional Company in Dubai? Here are the top rewards of a professional company in Dubai.

Top Professional Services

What are some leading professional services? A few important professional business activities include the following.

What services business consultants provide to professionals?

Business consultants KWS ME offer Dubai company formation and top-level business support services to professionals for starting Dubai business setup. To obtain professional license, business advisors KWS Middle East deliver the following services.

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