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Company Registration in Dubai

Are you aiming to register a company in Dubai? KWS ME streamlines Dubai company registration process. From optimal structures to efficient company incorporation, we ensure a seamless path to success.

Opening a company in Dubai

Where to Open a Company in Dubai?

Everyone has two options when it comes to company registration Dubai, namely mainland company formation and free zone company formation. Dubai government provides the two types considering the nature and technical requirements that different businesses have. The operational capacity and scope of the business are two other factors that affect the decision to choose between the two company types.

These two options have been successful at promoting business activity through various incentives for businesses. To register a company, the process is easy if the required set of documents is complete.

Choose your Business Type

KWS ME can help to select any legal business activity in Dubai, UAE by sharing detailed information related to Mainland and FreeZone registration requirements and policies.

Register your Trademark in Dubai

Get your brand trademark registration in Dubai with the help of KWS Middle East. Register the brand logo for a trademark that no other company can replicate in the market.

Location of your Company

KWS-ME can assist any new entrant in UAE to get the best business location with fully furnished offices for rent at affordable prices.

Get Business License in Dubai

KWS ME helps to get business trade licenses in Dubai, UAE with no limitation and safe from any complicated procedures. We can get any business license linked with trading, tourism, industrial and commercial business

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Requirements for Company Establishment in Dubai

Requisites to establish a company in Dubai

There are different rules for the two different company registration types.

If you want to register a mainland company, the first thing that you require is to register with the Department of Economic Development (DED). The department is responsible for relevant business activities and other areas as well. The department will issue a Dubai Business License under which you can conduct business activities in Dubai.

To complete your company registration Dubai, you need to follow a few steps.

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Process to Register a Company in Dubai

Steps for Registering a Company in Dubai

Business Growth

Choose Your Business Type

You need to select the business activity that you want your business to indulge in. The category that the business falls in will be determined by the activity chosen by you. Categories can be tourism, industrial, commercial and others. All types of activities have different laws to regulate them.

Decide Legal Form Of Your Business

Your business can be given one of the many different legal forms and laws will be applied on your business accordingly. This makes process and regulations smooth for the business community in Dubai. You have to decide whether your business is going to be a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or any other. All legal forms have advantages and disadvantages and it is only an expert that can provide you with an insight on the legalities.

Select a Name for your Company and Trademark

The next step is to give a name to your business. Copyright laws are strict in the UAE and there is no compromise on intellectual property. The business has to be reserved by paying a fee to the relevant authorities. The name reservation is temporary unless the fees charged for name registration are paid within 3 days.

Risk Management

Get NOC or Initial Approval Certificate

The No Objection Certificate has to be received from the DED, which is the initial permission to continue with business development and acquiring a business license. The initial approval is required to obtain the trade license; however, this does not mean that you can run your business. There are a few more steps before you can operate a business.

Prompt Response

Prepare Memorandum of Association or Local Service Agreement (LSA)

A Memorandum of Association may also need to be signed by you depending on the legal form of your business. The memorandum is required for corporate or local service agent. Because, this is the legal requirement for some types of business types in Dubai and the UAE as a whole. Without the local service agent, foreigners no longer required the assistance of local sponsors to start their businesses in Dubai.

Registration of business startups in Dubai

Finalize the location/office for your Company

Your business in Dubai has to have a physical existence. The rent agreement that you sign with building or place owner will also be attested by the Ejari. Initial approval and other important documents will be required by Real Estate Regulatory Authority. The attested agreement will later be required for issuance of trade license as well.

Formation of Companies

Obtain Relevant Business License

Sometimes, licensing approvals are required by other government departments & local & federal level as well. This depends on the area of jurisdiction of a government department within which the business activity falls. If you are setting up a new restaurant, the food department might also need to be approached for approvals before you can start your operations. Once you have the required approvals from all the government departments involved and have received the trade license, your business setup process is complete.

Cost of Business Setup in Dubai

Calculate cost of company Registration in Dubai

The cost of company registration depends on the different fees that regulatory authorities charge at different steps of the process. Business owners have to pay these dues within a certain time for completing every step. Otherwise, they have to repeat the specific step. The approximate cost of company registration in Dubai ranges from AED 10,000 to 30,000. Cost varies due to the rules & regulations of the UAE and Dubai governments. Also, they take into account the business dynamics. Dubai company registration cost includes all charges that have to be paid for attestations and all processing fees. Some of the costs involved in the process are yearly. While, some costs are to be incurred only one time.

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