3 simple steps to renew business license in Dubai

3 simple steps to renew business license in Dubai
November 10, 2023

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People who want to start a business in the UAE, have to get a license. Similarly, active companies have to renew business license in Dubai. So that they can keep serving the users in a better way during 2024.

After registering a company in Dubai, you have to renew your business license every year. Don’t worry, as the authorities in the UAE provide ease for renewal of existing business licenses. Also, you can get your business licenses renewal through business service providers, law firms, and service agents, etc.

How to acquire trade license in Dubai?

Follow these steps to obtain a trade license to use the business opportunities in Dubai through 2024.

  • Choose a name for your company.
  • Apply for registration of your business setup in Dubai.
  • Obtain the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) notarized by Department of Economic Development.
  • Relevant company documents are required to be filed.
  • You must have an establishment card from the Ministry of Labour.
  • Get your native workers registered with Ministry of Labour.
  • Native workers also need to be registered with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security.

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File legal documents for company license

Businessmen need to submit their company documents to the DED to get a trade license. Then, the businessmen must apply for membership of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). For issuance of Trade License and Commercial Registration Certificate, applicants must submit these original documents at DED’s Commercial Registry section. Applicants can also apply for a trade license with the submission of original documents online in 2024.

  • Application form with the signature of company’s manager or company’s legal representatives
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Letter by DED’s approval for the name of the company
  • Company approval letter by DED’s Committee of Limited Liability Companies
  • Partners’ passport copies

After the submission of documents, the Commercial Registry decides whether or not the documents are valid. Also, it checks the documents are in proper order, sans legal or other discrepancies. Upon the approval of the trade license application, the name of the company formally enters into the Commercial Register.

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Types of the business licenses

Business activities come under the following categories of the licenses.

  • Commercial license
  • Professional license
  • Industrial license
  • Tourism license

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How to get your business license renewal in Dubai?

These are the steps that you need to follow to renew business license in Dubai amid 2024.

  • Have a valid tenancy contract
  • Get ready the necessary documents
  • Apply for the renewal of license
  • Make the payment

Next, we take a look on this step-by-step process of the license renewal.

Have a valid tenancy contract

Ensure that your company has a tenancy contract that is valid for at least a month or more. Also, it must be verified and attested by Ejari. If the tenancy contract does not have the validity of 1 month, you cannot apply for renewal of the license.

Get ready the necessary documents

This is the list of compulsory documents for business license renewal.

  • A typed BR/1 form
  • Photocopy of tenancy contract
  • Ejari registration certificate’s photocopy
  • Business partners’ passport photocopies
  • Current business trade license’s photocopy

Apply for the renewal of license

Prepare an application for renewal of the license of your active business setup in Dubai. Then, submit this application along with all necessary documents to the DED. You can apply for renewal through e-services, mobile application, service centers, and law firms.

Make the payment

DED allots you a payment voucher after the application. After you receive the voucher, proceed with the payment. You will immediately receive your renewed business license after you make the payment.

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By now you are aware of the process to renew business license in Dubai. In case, you have a doubt about anything, you can take guidance from the business consultants. Whether, you are up for a company setup or want a license renewal, they will fully assist you.

KWS Middle East is here to help you with all kinds of processes. We support your efforts to take advantage of the business opportunities in Dubai. Also, you can contact us for services like product registration, corporate bank account opening, and tax advisory across the UAE.

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