How to start a cleaning company in Dubai?

Start a cleaning company in Dubai
December 28, 2023

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United Arab Emirates is evolving as a global hub of trade and business. Therefore, the population of the UAE and Dubi is growing (about 85% of residents are foreigners). You can start a cleaning company in Dubai to serve the busy people and companies in 2024.

Many companies look to establish a business that has low overheads (minimal up-front costs) and is in high-demand. Also, they want a complete absence of typical operating costs. They can consider about opening a cleaning company in the UAE.

Usually, cleaning businesses have lower start-up costs than other business setups. This business is one of the few businesses that can get into operating mode immediately after its launch. However, you will have to work extremely hard to make significant profits.

Value of cleaning businesses in the UAE

What is the scope of a cleaning business in the UAE?

Cleaning businesses in the UAE are in huge demand these days when new business ventures are mushrooming everywhere. The cleaning service providers generate 35% of their revenue from the corporate sector. Moreover, this revenue is forecast to increase to about 50% in the coming years.

It is a good news for you who have interest in starting a cleaning business from scratch in the UAE. A cleaning service does not require any special chemicals and equipment. Moreover, you don’t need any form of formal training or certifications to perform cleaning chores.

Most cleaning tasks use the same products and skill set that is necessary to clean a household. Still, that does not mean that cleaning is easy. If it was easy, there would not have been such a high demand for cleaning services in Dubai.

It is a lucrative and rewarding business for entrepreneurs who have an impeccable work ethic and have amazing communication skills. Besides, it is always good to have some connections in the cleaning services sector of UAE. Nonetheless, incorporating a cleaning business in Dubai from scratch is still possible.

Ultimately, aim to provide high-quality cleaning services that leave your customers happy. After all, customer satisfaction is keys to running a successful and profitable cleaning business. In case, you want to set up a business in the UAE that is easy on the pocket. Then, read on to learn everything to start a cleaning company in Dubai.

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Research before forming a cleaning company in Dubai

Do you need to conduct industry research before forming a cleaning company in Dubai?

When you are seriously mulling over how to start a cleaning business in Dubai, you should consider all the factors. So, do proper research to make sure that your work is worth the profit. For doing that, you can connect with a friend who works as a cleaner to get the gist of it.

Or you can clean your friend’s or relative’s house for free, and ask for honest feedback in return. Just ensure that your cleaning standards match those of the paying customers. Because, that is the only thing your clientele will want from you.

As we have already said before, decide on what type of cleaning business you wish to start in Dubai. Cleaning services range from one-person operations to multi-million national chains. They provide an array of cleaning services such as, from the most basic light cleaning to super-specialized power cleaning.

If you have any special skill like cleaning windows of skyscrapers, you can capitalize on it. Because, Dubai has very modern and futuristic infrastructure. It really means that Dubai has a lot of buildings with glass structures.

These skyscrapers and buildings with glass windows need a lot of cleaning. So, it can prove quite beneficial for you if you put focus of your cleaning business on this particular skill. In a nutshell, do thorough industry research before jumping headfirst into the world of business in Dubai.

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Kinds of the licenses for a cleaning company in Dubai

Which are the types of the licenses for a cleaning company in Dubai?

The mechanism of getting a license for cleaning business in Dubai is easy. For this purpose, you have to narrow down the kind of license you require for your business. Remember, the Department of Economic Development (DED) offers three types of licenses.

Let’s have a brief look on these classifications of licenses for cleaning businesses in Dubai.

Industrial License

You must get industrial license if your cleaning company is going to cater to the industries and big offices.

Residential License

Acquire residential license if your business will provide cleaning services to houses and residential properties.

Commercial License

Holders of commercial license have the permission to clean in the commercial spaces only.

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Things to consider while setting up a cleaning business in Dubai

Are there any things to consider while setting up a cleaning business in Dubai?

There are various kinds of cleaning businesses that range from individual home cleaners to specialist industrial cleaning services. It is vital that while figuring out how to start a cleaning business, you also determine the focus of services. Because the cost of your investment will depend on it.

For example, a cleaning service that caters to the industrial sector will require a big team, and expensive machinery. Thus, it will need heavier investment in comparison to a simple home-cleaning service. Because, you can operate it alone without the need of a proper structure.

Likewise, it can even act as your side hustle while you continue your main job. You need to establish a target market for your new cleaning company. Accordingly, you can do that by narrowing down the demographic you want to target.

For this purpose, you have to formulate a business plan that will help you succeed in your quest. Then start building a network so that you can get the word out on the street as soon as possible. Depending on your existing network, you may land your first client within the first few days of the launch.

These are some general guidelines to consider before you start a cleaning business in Dubai from scratch.

  • Getting your business registered is a must for your cleaning company.
  • Hire a trained and skilled workforce for your company before opening your doors for business.
  • Your customer service personnel must be fluent in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

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Process of starting a cleaning company in Dubai

What are the steps of starting a cleaning company in Dubai?

Here is the procedure to start a cleaning company in Dubai.

Let us look at the steps to begin a cleaning company in Dubai.

Select your market

The customers you pursue and the kind of work you offer (services) should be based on the local demands. Furthermore, these demands should match well with your personal abilities and access to transportation. For instance, if you prefer work that is within your walking distance, then focus your market research to that area.

In the event, you have a conveyance and can handle longer commutes. Then, by all means open your horizons to expand your service area. But, you should keep in mind that stretching yourself out unnecessarily is not a good thing.

Keeping tabs on your competitors is a fundamental part of planning any business. So, it is wise that you analyse your business competitors extensively. Keep any eye out for any services that other cleaning companies are missing to capitalize on.

Choose a suitable location

Choose a location for your cleaning business in Dubai that has the following features.

  • Must be near the localities such as an office complex or suburbs where there is a need for a cleaning service
  • Should be visible
  • Must have enough traffic

The UAE offers different business zones like mainland, free zone and offshore from which you can choose the one that suits your business needs the best.

Get a business license

Obtain a cleaning business license from the relevant authority. In this case, is the licensing authority is the Department of Economic Development (DED). After your license issuance, you are good to commence the cleaning services in Dubai.

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Tactics for boosting a cleaning company

Which are the tips for making a cleaning company successful?

These are the suggestions to attain success as you start a cleaning company in Dubai.

Next, we briefly look upon these advises to make a cleaning company in Dubai successful.

Know the ins and outs of the cleaning business

You should keep yourself well-aware about the happenings in the cleaning industry in Dubai. Also, it includes latest changes in the rules that may affect your cleaning company. These regulations may come from UAE’s government or environmental authority, etc.

Streamline your work structure

Build a consistent work structure to ensure an efficient working environment. Subsequently, organizing your work culture will lead to a thriving cleaning business in Dubai. All of your employees must be well-versed in the ways of the company policy.

Invest in advertising

Congratulations if you have built a solid clientele for your cleaning company. Nevertheless, it is always good to invest in advertising rather than solely relying on word of mouth marketing. Investing in an online presence benefits your cleaning business in the long-run.

Build a Facebook page, social profiles, company listings, and keep your contact information up-to-date. Register yourself on Google and gather good reviews from clients to strengthen your business profile. Also, try printing business cards, flyers, and banners for offline marketing to get your name out in the world.

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Starting a cleaning company in Dubai is a simple business, that has a huge scope for growth. Nonetheless, the only real challenge is the business setup process. It is beneficial that you hire professional business consultants to guide you through this tedious journey.

Expert business advisors assist you in navigating this journey to start a cleaning company in Dubai without a hassle. KWS Middle East empowers you to focus all your attention on building your business. Contact us and book your commitment-free call with our team today.

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