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Branch/Representative Office in Dubai

A branch office in Dubai is an extension of a foreign parent company that is located outside of the UAE. It is a full-fledged business which can enter into contracts or perform business activities as specified in its license. Not having a separate entity, a branch office distinctly represents its parent company and conducts business under its name. The purpose to setup a branch office in Dubai is to promote and market the products of parent company, undergo business transactions, forge its agreements with other businesses under the name of parent company and provide services to its customers. A branch office in Dubai is ideal for tightly regulated industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.
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Difference between Branch and Representative Office

Often confused with branch offices, there is a key difference that sets them apart i.e. business activity. A branch office in Dubai can freely exercise the activities for which the license is granted and earn profits, a representative office in Dubai however cannot – it must outsource all its work back to the parent company.

The role of representative office is limited to promotion of products and services of parent company and is not allowed to conduct business in Dubai.

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