What a DED License offers as a way of scaling up your company?

October 5, 2023

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Are you planning to start a business in the Dubai Mainland? Dubai, a global commercial and trade hub offers tons of opportunities to those who dare to dream big.

Business setup in Dubai is easier than ever. The Department of Economic Development or DED offers numerous advantages to entrepreneurs, investors and companies wanting to start their business in Dubai such as easy incorporation process during Business Registration Dubai and helps them grow their businesses without going through a lengthy process.

There are basically two jurisdictions in Dubai for company formation; The Dubai Mainland and Free Zones. Mainland Company Formation offers different set of advantages than Free Zone Company Formation depending on your business activities and type of license.

If you are looking to setup a business that you can grow without restrictions, mainland company formation or trade license from DED Dubai is the logical option for you.

According to a report by DED, mainland Dubai license is a viable option for many startups and SMEs. DED July 2018 statistics showed that 24,489 transactions related to licensing and registration, of which 1,651 licenses were issued and the most popular categories comprised of Commercial (60.5%), Professional (36.8%), Tourism (1.4%), and Industrial (1.3%). Moreover, increased foreign investment is also expected in the region as it is going to host World Expo 2020 which presents great business opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Here are the advantages DED License offers in terms of growing your business,

1. No Trade Restriction

Having a DED license provides you flexibility to trade within UAE as well as overseas. You have the option to spread your services throughout the entirety of mainland Dubai and cater to diverse market without being bound by certain rules.

Since there are no restrictions around trading, your company will be more resilient to changing business ecosystem, be more competitive and having stronger chances of achieving long-term success.

2. No Limitation on Number of Visas

With a DED License, your company is allowed to hire additional workforce when and if required. However, employing more staff is interdependent to the size of your office.

As an entrepreneur, this option provides you complete control on your manpower and gives you a chance to intensify your operations to a larger scale.

3. Flexibility to Choose Location of Business

With DED License, you can have office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai. This is a significant benefit you get by setting up business in mainland Dubai as free zone companies are not allowed to setup a permanent office outside the premises of free zone.

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4. Access to More Options for Business Activities

DED license gives you access to more business activity options. Examples of these activities are (but not limited to) Accounting and Bookkeeping, General Trading, Skills Training, Sports and Services, Interior Decoration, Restaurants, Event Management, and many more.

5. Most Nationalities can Setup Business in Mainland Dubai

DED license puts fewer nationality restrictions in ownership and visas compared to other jurisdictions. More than 80% of Dubai population is expatriates. According to DED, top 5 nationalities who have registered their companies in July 2018 are Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Chinese and British. This makes Dubai a hub of diverse entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Get you DED License Dubai with help of KWS Middle East. Our Dubai business setup consultants can help you through every step of your company formation process making it easier for you to take a big leap forward. To know more on what types of DED license we offer, read more on our blog here: Requirements of Business Trade License in Dubai

You can also Contact KWS ME business setup advisors today by calling on 00971-(04) 871 4313 or send you query on info@kwsme.com.

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