Offshore Company Formation & Legal Standpoint

October 12, 2023

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Whether it is an offshore company, Mainland Company or a free zone company, UAE provides comfort for businessmen and investors owning all types of companies. The government has provided ease in running business by working on all types of business setup in Dubai structures and providing policies for every type of business activity. The government’s idea is to provide a place where any type of business can run and survive. An alternate explanation to this concept is that the government has a vision of having all required resources in sufficient quantities so that there is competitive advantage for every business setup in UAE.

How UAE government makes offshore companies easy to setup?

The UAE government takes care of all matters related to business setup in UAE and every matter related to foreign investors as these investors and business setups have contributed to the growth of the UAE. The government has been working continuously to make the setup offshore companies in UAE cheap and easy for investors to benefit from them. Part of the efforts by the government has been to make it easy and cheap to setup offshore companies in UAE.

  1. The government has provided offshore company owners with tax exemptions, privacy of their matters, security of finances and legal advantages and other facilities in order to make business owners feel safe and allow them to run their businesses smoothly.
  2. It takes only 3-4 days for an offshore company to be setup.
  3. Investors can cut down on costs as it is not important for the offshore companies to lease or rent office space.
  4. Banks provide services to offshore companies and have policies for them.

Owning and setting up an offshore company is totally legal and the government has regulated the setup of such companies. These companies are used to own assets in other countries for which you do not have citizenship’s or permanent residence. The government has legislated to make these companies legal.

How can you setup your own offshore company?

If you are looking to setup your business setup in Dubai, you have to first determine what kind of product or service you are going to provide. You will then need to see your budget and the requirements that your business has. Accordingly, you will have to decide the type of company that you want to form. This decision depends on whether a free zone company or a mainland company will be able to provide you with the benefits that you require.

KWS ME is a full fledge business registration consultancy that provides services like company formation Dubai of different types. The firm also provides services like visa processing, pro services and services related to accounts and advisory. The experience of the firm’s experts in dealing with different scenarios related to different clients helps us provide you with tailor-made solutions and create ease for you when it comes to company formation Dubai.

The requirements

Let’s look at some of the documents required for investors who are interested in setting up an offshore company are listed below.

  1. Company formation Dubai
  2. Copies of stakeholders’ and directors’ valid passports
  3. Proof of residency of the stakeholders and the directors
  4. Agent’s registration
  5. Articles of Association
  6. Memorandum of Incorporation
  7. Original resolution shareholder’s
  8. Certificate of incorporation or Trade licence copies

For individual stakeholders, these are the requirements:

  1. Application form for the setup of the offshore company
  2. Every shareholder’s personal profile (Resume/CV is acceptable)
  3. Proof of residence address. For example, utility bills that are not more than 3 months old.

Valid passport copy with no less than 6 months of validity

You do not have to wait for the right time to invest. We will help you successfully launch your offshore company. Give us a call or send us an email for details.

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