JAFZA sign cooperation deals with GDRFA to simplify visa procedure

October 5, 2023

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Visa processes is one of those things that make people collect documents and take out time to complete. It’s these processes that the business world has to see every day when businessmen and investors are trying to cut a deal with people on the other side of the border or at a distance of a whole continent. The UAE government has realized that what is required is quick visa processing to further improve the business environment in the UAE. Continuous efforts are being in order to provide businessmen and entrepreneurs the best business experience possible whenever they visit the UAE and work on their businesses in the Dubai Free zone or any other free zone for that matter.

From good travel infrastructure to great offices, meeting rooms, hotels and food, everything contributes to the experience. The visa process was already very simple for those who wanted to come to UAE and perform business activities as the authorities are very welcoming for those who want to invest in the UAE. However, a need to make the process even better was felt and this intent has been welcomed by the business community that has a relationship with the UAE in one way or the other.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) has cooperated with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai (GDFRA) to make the visa process better than it was before. The people working in JAFZA will be able to take advantage of this facility.

Benefits of the deal

There are 7500 companies working in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, a free zone similar to the Dubai Free zone, and they have a combined workforce of around 150,000 people. The UAE is famous for having workers from abroad to work and that is why most of the people working in this free zone will be able to benefit from the newly simplified visa procedure.

The visa processing time will be cut to less than 24 hours and this has been made possible through an online procedure made for the workers to use. The authorities are of the view that making processes easier while keeping them safe and secure will make work easier for those who are entering UAE for jobs and for their business setup in Dubai. It will also strengthen ties with other nations as traffic to and fro will increase through easier processes.

The process has been made easier through an online link that can be used to register for visa renewals and other such support services that people from abroad require when they are working with a Business setup in UAE.

Business Support Services

Support for business setup in UAE is becoming better and better in the UAE day by day. Services and facilities are being provided by the government of the UAE to all industries and every business setup in Dubai and that is only going to have a positive impact on the business activity in the UAE. Whether it is a trade license Dubai or a visa, everything can be acquired with too long a process.

Business support is required by all businesses and KWS Middle has the experience and knowledge to help all of these businesses with the facilities and services that they want. From business formation to support services like visa processing and acquiring trade license Dubai, everything is made easier by the firm.

You can contact KWS Middle East through phone or email and we will get back to you with the answers to your queries.

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