Invest smartly in cryptocurrencies with these 5 crypto coins

October 5, 2023

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Cryptocurrencies are digital cash and quickly becoming the best source to invest in the global trading business. There are more than nine thousand digital currencies available worldwide and each of them has unique features which are attracting customers to buy or sell them. Before deciding which specific crypto coin, you should select some important facts that are necessary to understand.

What are Crypto Coins?

Crypto coins are recognized as digital currencies which many investors are choosing as an alternate asset category. Cryptocurrencies are making headlines around the world and people with no trading background are fully participating in the crypto coins buying/selling process. The competition among E-currencies is extremely high and within weeks the prices of coins can fluctuate to a minimum or maximum point. The crypto coins are comprised of some basic elements which include blockchain network, crypto wallets, gas prices, and smart contracts.

There are some key details you should know before buying crypto coins that are explained below:

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Factors to review before investing smartly in Crypto Coins

  • Liquidity Level

The higher the liquidity level in the market means the prices of odd crypto coins will slightly change and you can safely invest in the digital currency. The low liquidity level means the prices will rapidly fluctuating and may cause you heavy loss or profit. So, there is a risk factor involves and it depends on the coin how much it can experience the market volatility.

  • Security Level

The cryptocurrency is digital money and it can easily be hacked if the security is weak. You need to find the best crypto wallets and developers of any digital currency you select should give you a guarantee that they can protect your crypto coins from any security breach.

  • Transparency Level

Blockchain technology is the best way to store all end-to-end transactions in a visible public ledger. The worth of any crypto coin can be judged through its transparency level which protects your assets and can function legally in the market.

  • Market Values

The crypto coins prices are directly affected by their market value. The price of digital currencies plays a major role for investors to invest in any of these crypto coins which has a positive market value.

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Top 5 Best Crypto Coins to invest and buy in 2021

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is one of the leading crypto coins that acquire more than 47% of the digital currency market. Bitcoin has the most encrypted security system which persuaded many buyers to heavily invest in this cryptocurrency. After the recent market crash, the Bitcoin value has dropped to the lowest level in its history but still, this crypt coin can easily bounce back at any moment. The prices of cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and if you invest now at this low price of bitcoin then it will help you to attain the best profit.


The Cosmos has Inter Blockchain Communication that is not available in many major cryptocurrencies. The Cosmos Hub offers easy transfer of assets by inter-connecting numerous blockchains to create a smooth communication system. Cosmos digital currency has a decentralized exchange network that provides the best security to Cosmos coin holders. Cosmos’ market cap is $3.22 B and its ranking is increasing which clearly shows as a good sign to invest in Cosmos (Atom).

  • Dogecoin

Dogecoin is making great improvement in the market and about 18 billion coins are used in the transaction within a day. If you want to invest smartly in the cryptocurrency business then Dogecoin is the best option for long-term price growth. The recent price spiked in Dogecoin due to its approval for a payment method by many famous companies including Tesla boosted the value of this meme coin. The high volume of transactions and a trending crypto coin making Dogecoin a perfect choice for buying it in 2021.

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  • Polkadot (DOT)

The certified financial experts are naming Polkadot as one of the best digital currencies to buy nowadays. Polkadot is evolving into an authentic crypto coin brand that has a clear structure to manage your tokens and safely store them in the finest way possible. Investors are calling Polkadot a “state of the art” due to its speedy performance, best security, and management of crypto coins at its best. Polkadot is an innovative platform for new entrants in the digital market but you need to be cautious before buying this cryptocurrency.

  • Ethereum (ETH)

The Ethereum is also known as ETHER is the best altcoin and they are the second number in the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin. Ethereum’s upgraded blockchain can do the transaction process faster at cheap prices. The decentralized finance app was developed by Ethereum and their blockchain works quicker than compared to other altcoins. This advantage of smart brilliant crypto infrastructure gives Ethereum an edge over Bitcoin. The Ethereum refined performance may soon steal Bitcoins’ spot as inflation worries many cryptocurrency traders. It gives you a clear image that you should definitely invest in Ethereum and buy their ETHER coins as soon as possible.

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