Why do you need PRO services in Dubai?

Why do you need PRO services in Dubai?
April 29, 2024

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The UAE is a top investment destination for entrepreneurs worldwide for their company formation or setting an offshore branch. However, businesses cannot simply run on capital and man power. They have to get PRO services in Dubai from other organizations to streamline their business operations in 2024.

The most common example is that of banking services. Every business requires an account to send and receive the financial transactions. Other services that a business normally pay the bank for are borrowing, leasing, and insurance.

Nevertheless, the process to register your company with government authorities can get overwhelming. In part, due to rising number of requirements and formalities for company registration. However, business setup in the UAE is quite an ambitious and lucrative task for new entrepreneurs.

Defining the PRO services

What are PRO services?

In a nutshell, PRO services include all activities that involve processing of all regulatory documentation and legal paperwork. For example, business license, visa application, labor cards etc. All businesses in the UAE need the services of Public Relations Officer (PRO), also known as Government Liaison Officer.

PRO services are one of the most important services that any business can require. Companies require manpower and expertise to perform operational tasks on a regular basis. Sometimes, they find it difficult to get both, and so decide against hiring in-house resources for this purpose.

To give you a glimpse of the procedure, you will have to visit Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber of Trade and Commerce, various Dubai ministries for further approvals and Dubai visa and immigration departments.

Some major PRO services

Which are the leading PRO services?

Here are a few PRO services that companies in Dubai require.

  • Attestation of documents by Dubai Chamber
  • VISA services include processing and renewal for family and business
  • Immigration card approval from Emirates Identity Authority
  • Labor and immigration card
  • Trade license services including professional, commercial, and industrial
  • Documents attesting through the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Free zone documents processing by DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)
  • Employment VISA for all the free zones and mainland in the UAE
  • Any company formation in Dubai land paperwork
  • The collection of mail documents and sending to governmental bureaus

The importance of Pro services

How important are Pro services?

New businesses don’t know all the laws and regulations to follow, so they require the PRO services the most. These services help in executing tasks like Dubai residency visa applications, labor contracts, and dealing with different government departments. At first, it may seem easy, but a dedicated department is necessary for carrying out such operations.

Companies can engage a business consultancy to take care of these mundane tasks. An expert team at the consultancy provides valuable input that allows clients to understand the processes. Subsequently, they take care of these operations, and let you go about running the business.

Scope of Pro Services in the UAE

What is the scope of PRO Services in the UAE?

Businesses can avail the opportunity of PRO services to save time and money. You should have accurate information and access to right resources that can save you from potential pitfalls. Use of diverse services by different businesses is common all over the world.

Manufacturing companies do not always have their own vehicles to transport all their products to wholesalers and retailers. For this purpose, they may another company to rent trucks to carry the products to the market. No business can afford to meet all its needs without collaborating with other firms.

A manufacturing company can’t afford to buy trucks to handle their logistics. Likewise, a jeweler can’t go to the mountains in search of the precious stones. Different kinds of businesses depend on other businesses to run some of their tasks.

Why do you need PRO services in Dubai?
Why do you need PRO services in Dubai?

Benefits of the PRO services

Which are the advantages of the PRO services?

These are the advantages of PRO services that businesses can get through.

  • Costs and time can be saved.
  • Additional employees for these tasks will not be required.
  • Documents can be attested and cleared by authorities quickly.
  • You can focus on more important tasks at hand.
  • You will be informed about all updates regarding the tasks that you want fulfilled.
  • The key accounts manager will be dedicated to providing you with the best results.
  • Tasks such as getting Residence Visa Dubai and other authorizations can be dealt with easily.

Why your company needs PRO services?

Why your company needs PRO services?

For a new entrepreneur in UAE, it can become extremely difficult to negotiate with government authorities for legal paperwork. The same is the case with handling licensing procedures at DED and other public departments. However, the process to register your company in the UAE can take many days.

PRO services help in legalization of your company and its products. A team of highly professional experts can take care of all business formation and support issues. So that you can focus on your business instead.

  • Monitor and update company about its registration, licensing, permits and payments
  • To appear before local authorities on their client’s behalf to obtain or renew company’s license and for submission of permit applications
  • Ensure the agreement with judicial system, legal bodies and other governmental institutions is approved so that company can carry out its business activities
  • To process requirements of immigration & labor department for company employees
  • For regulatory approvals, NOC letters and notarization of legal documents
  • Obtain labor approval, entry permit, labor card, labor contract
  • Get employment visa, investor visa, family visa, residence visa
  • Update business about any new government policy or instruction regarding business such as amendment in trade license and ensuring company is aware and well adapted to new requirements
  • Maintain company’s authorized stamps and business records like official government letters as well as company’s letters sent to government

PRO services ensure that all business dealings with the government occur in a timely manner. So as to eliminate the risk of unnecessary fine or other harmful consequence to the business. If a business fails to fulfill the above activities, it can have an unfavorable impact on other factors outside of business.

For instance, foreign employees in the UAE need to acquire work permit and resident visa to legally work there. Furthermore, it is a requirement for opening bank account, obtaining emirates ID, signing residential lease, etc. Correct business formation will assist in smooth processing of employee’s legal procedures as well.


Business setup in Dubai is a complex process for foreign entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the region. As it can also turn into a financial risk, so it is absolutely necessary to have local knowledge. PRO services experts guide you in every step of your company formation in the UAE.

They hold immense goodwill with government authorities, so they can aid you in obtaining approvals in very less time. These fluent Arabic speaking PROs helps foreign businesses for their seamless government liaison in Dubai and across the UAE. Tailor-made approach of KWS Middle East for each business facilitates quick and simple company formation in the UAE.

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