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Why Do You Need Pro Services in Dubai?

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Are you looking to setup new business in Dubai? Dubai remains a top investment destination for entrepreneurs worldwide for their company formation or setting an offshore branch.

Even though business setup in UAE is quite an ambitious and lucrative task, the process to register your company with government authorities can be an overwhelming process owing to increased number of requirements and formalities accompanied with company registration. You should have accurate information and access to right resources that can save you from potential pitfalls.

In this article, we will enlighten you about ways to make this process easy especially in terms of business licensing and setup process.

What are Pro Services in Dubai?

Every business in UAE needs the services of Government Liaison Officer, also referred to as Public Relations Officer or PRO. Pro services include all activities that are associated with processing of all government documentation and paperwork such as visa application, labor cards etc. required for successful company formation in Dubai.

To give you a glimpse of the procedure, you will have to visit Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber of Trade and Commerce, various Dubai ministries for further approvals and Dubai visa and immigration departments.

Why Your Company Needs PRO Services?

For a new entrepreneur in UAE, it can be extremely difficult to negotiate with government authorities for legal paperwork and to handle licensing procedures at DED. As a result, the process to register your company in UAE can take many days.

Pro services help in legalization of your company and its products. A team of highly professional experts such as hat of KWSME can take care of all business formation and support issues so that you do not have to wait in line and focus on your business instead.

What work do PRO services perform?

  • Pro services monitor and update company about its registration, licensing, permits and payments.
  • Pro services ensure the agreement with judicial system, legal bodies and other governmental institutions is approved so that company can carry out its business activities.
  • Pro services appear before local authorities on their client’s behalf to obtain or renew company’s license and for submission of permit applications.
  • To process requirements of immigration & labor department for company employees
  • To obtain labor approval, entry permit, labor card, labor contract
  • To obtain employment visa, investor visa, family visa, residence visa
  • For regulatory approvals, NOC letters and notarization of legal documents
  • To update business about any new government policy or instruction regarding business such as amendment in trade license and ensuring company is aware and well adapted to new requirements.To maintain company’s authorized stamps and business records like official government letters as well as company’s letters sent to government.

Pro services ensure that all business dealings with the government are handled correctly and in a timely manner so as to eliminate the risk of unnecessary fine or other harmful consequence to the business.

If a business fails to fulfill aforementioned activities, it can have an unfavorable impact on other factors outside of business. For example, foreign employees in UAE need to obtain work permit and resident visa in order to legally work in UAE which is then also required for opening bank account, obtaining emirates ID, signing residential lease etc. Correct business formation will assist in smooth processing of employee’s legal procedures as well.

KWSME Pro Services

Business setup in Dubai is a complex process as well as financially risky especially for foreign entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the region. It is absolutely necessary to have local knowledge. Our PRO team at KWSME is here to guide you in every step of your company formation in UAE.

KWSME has helped in successful registration of hundreds of its client’s businesses in UAE. We have developed immense goodwill with government authorities over the last ten years which helps us in obtaining approvals in very less time.

KWSME highly professional team of fluent Arabic speaking PROs helps foreign businesses for their seamless government liaison in Dubai and across UAE. Our personalized PRO Services approach tailored to each business requirement facilitates quick and simple company formation in UAE.

Contact our business representatives for more information.

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