How to start a printing business in Dubai?

October 13, 2023

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Dubai is offering flexible terms and conditions to any start-up whether investors establish a business as a sole proprietor, limited liability, or Civil company. Entrepreneurs wishing to start any company get full support from the government of UAE with their high-tech facilities and extraordinary infrastructure to lay the foundation of modern business techniques in Dubai. With every passing day, Dubai is paving the path for innovative business ideas to flourish with their geographical benefit to connecting with other countries. One of these high-tech businesses is printing services in Dubai. The printing industry is yet not saturated in Dubai, which makes it a great opportunity for newcomers to hit this business niche.

The Dubai Media Office is a regulatory authority that controls all the activities related to printing shops by staying in contact with governing bodies in the Emirates. As the printing industry is not known to many, it is high time for entrepreneurs to invest in this innovative technology field. The key to success in the printing industry is to identify and target the exact market, know their needs, and plan your strategies to overcome the competitors already working in the printing Industry.

Steps to Register Printing Business Licence in Dubai:

To start a Printing business in Dubai, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Pick the right category and legal form for your business.

There are different business structures available for entrepreneurs, whether they go for a sole proprietorship, limited liability, or civil company. The second most important thing to consider is whether you want to establish a company in Dubai’s mainland or free zone, which location is most appropriate for your business, and which category the business is falling in. Knowing everything clearly and precisely can lead you toward rewarding a Business Company.

  1. Register the trade name.

A trade name is the most important factor as your name distinguishes you from others. It should be considered according to the type of business you are investing in. The trade name must be ethical and not violate any religious norms. Secondly, it shouldn’t be registered already. To make this step hassle-free, hire our Consultant at KWSME to find the list of the most suitable names for your company.

3. Initial approval from DED.

Before starting the process of registration, you need to seek initial approval from the government officials of UAE that will allow the investors to proceed with the printing company formation process in Dubai, or sometimes they reject your application if you are not meeting their criteria to set up a company.

4. Memorandum of Association/Local Service Agent Agreement.

MOA, A mandatory official document containing the constitutional facts of a business development company having stakeholder details, terms and conditions, rules, and regulations to run any organization. If the business structure comes within a civil company, a Local agent is hired to settle the company affairs in UAE. Appointing the local service agent will be under a contract attested by the notary public or the court.

5. Additional Governmental Approvals:

Depending on the type of your business, you might need additional government approvals in UAE. To attest inquired documents, a convenient approach is to have an experienced consultant by your side as they will assist you in getting all the government formalities done for your business.

6. Get a Printing Business License:

On completing all the above-mentioned steps, you can apply for a company formation business license in Dubai. Your license will be based on the primary activity of your business. Once you get your license through the DED service center or official website, you are all ready to start practicing business activities legally in Dubai.

Necessary Documents required to register for printing business in Dubai :

Here is a list of documents required to submit for the registration process of a printing company in Dubai:

  • Passport copy of all the stakeholders.
  • National ID cards of the directors and shareholders.
  • Recent bank declarations, credit card statements, or utility bills containing the name and residential address of the owners and management.
  • Initial acceptance receipt and all the previously-submitted documents.
  • Lease contract copy duly attested by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai
  • Attested memorandum of association(MOA)
  • Approvals from government-concerned bodies, if required.

Opening of Bank Account :

One of the greatest benefits of setting up a printing company in Dubai is that it does not ask for any other special licenses. Once you receive this license, you are required to open a bank account relating to the company’s affairs. All the transactions about the printing company are done through the company bank account and all the finances about the company are made through this account to have an independent check and balance of the company assets.

To step into any new business especially opening a printing company in Dubai, foreigners are not familiar with the trends and latest technologies to start up a business here. Our company formation agents in Dubai can assist you simply and more effectively with minimum cost and profitable results. So if you want to start a printing business in Dubai, hire us for the registration of the printing business.

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