Some successful startups idea which are working in Dubai

October 12, 2023

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Dubai is the land of opportunities that is why people have succeeded when they have made an effort to introduce a new idea. The city which house people and businesses from all around the world has provided startups with the ideal environment, where everyone has a different set of needs and wants. These sets are what startups have been able to identify and provide products according to. The flexibility of startups to match customer moods and market trends has proved to be critical.

Health Care

With the growing population comes the need for growing facilities like health care. In the UAE, practitioners have been able to provide people with health care facilities. It is not only clinics and hospitals but also trainers and experts who guide people on exercise and nutrition in order to help them maintain their health. The business setup in Dubai has been very successful in Dubai, thanks to the amount of people coming from Europe where such services are availed by many.

Tourism services

Tourism is one of the best examples of how to use business opportunities in UAE. Whether it is food that you like, exploring cultures or fun-filled water sports, tourism startups have made it easier for people to enjoy all that there is to see in Dubai. These startups know the city inside out and that is why foreigners travelling to Dubai prefer to engage these startups in to get around the city exploring new things. So what if it costs them money? The services provided are worth it and the service providers bear fruit by making use of business opportunities in UAE.

Digital marketing and web development

These are services that people need all around the world to keep up with the pace of the developing world of business setup in Dubai and e-commerce. These days people do not prefer to go to shops, rather they browse for things on the internet and order the product that they want, paying through cash upon delivery or through online payment methods.

It is for this reason that people have taken the initiative to operate e-commerce business setup in UAE. The laws of the UAE provide for e-commerce businesses to operate.

People have also started digital marketing services that are able to let businesses convey their message to a wider audience at lower costs. This has been effective because people are always connected to social media and are able to see the marketing efforts put in by companies to promote their products.

Real estate agents

Everyone in the UAE needs a place to live, or a place for his or her office or shop. Towers and houses have been constructed by many construction companies, but when are buildings enough to meet the demands of people? This means that real estate agents can exploit the situation by knowing exactly what the customer might ask for and provide solutions accordingly. People do not go about finding houses or shops for rent or for buying on their own. They prefer engaging agents because these agents can also deal with the documentation and different formalities.

Business consultancy services

Dubai was planned and developed as a city where people from around the world would come to invest and grow their business setup in UAE. The city has allowed them to expand their reach to other parts of Asia because of UAE’s proximity to other countries in the region. But these companies would not have been able take advantage of the environment, nor would they have become so profitable, had it not been for business consultancy services.

These services offered by consultancies like KWS ME help foreign investors go through business registration and all other similar processes very smoothly. These startups get documents attested and all documentation completed, guiding the investors from the start to the finish line so the investors can start business operations. Their experts also provide services like product and trademark registration for business support.

These consultancies do charge their fees, but why wouldn’t an investor pay for services that saves him time, money and effort?

Name a service and we have got it. Call us today or send us an email.

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