How to Start a Business in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority – A Complete Guide

September 15, 2023

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Jebel Ali, Free Zone Authority, has all the sources that a business owner might need for company formation under one roof. It is a destination where suppliers, trade associates and logistic service providers come together, which decreases the cost and boosts efficiency and profits. It is a hub of trade and a novel system that extends end to end resolutions and growth and investment opportunities to the various kinds of business that serve locally and globally. It had only nineteen companies in 1979 and since then has seen remarkable growth; as of 2017, it has more than 7500 companies more than a hundred of them are from the Fortune 500. JAFZA has its own particular set of rules and regulations which were designed for the sole purpose of attracting foreign investment into the country. It is the best location for the investors who want to start a business in Dubai because of numerous benefits it carries, some of these are:

  • It is a well-known global hub for trade and production; it has the definitive idea of bringing more business to the country
  • The company receives a legal status for carrying on business, and it is straightforward to work in the Middle East from JAFZA, once you get registered
  • A company can own property in Dubai on its name or through any other company incorporated in the UAE especially if it is an offshore company registered in UAE
  • It is comparatively easier for an Offshore company which is registered in JAFZA to open a bank account in the UAE
  • The companies which are located in JAFZA enjoy the perks of tax-free status including a hundred per cent repatriation of capital invested and profit reaped
  • There is support available for the other purposes such as banking, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing, legal formalities that are handled by the business setup consultants
  • The business setup process in JAFZA is free from any bureaucratic red-tapism and is also free from any extra restrictions, thus, providing a nurturing environment for the growth and development of the business
  • There is no limitation on hiring foreign employees in JAFZA to do your bidding, and it also does not have any stipulations on currency and permits the transfer of capital

Here’s How the Business setup in JAFZA is Done

Considering the nature of business and the type of the market, these are the kinds of company formation possible in JAFZA, which are:

  1. Multiple Shareholder Company
  2. Single Shareholder Company
  3. Branch Company
  4. Offshore company
  5. Public Listed Company

Multiple Shareholder Company

Two to fifty stockholders can set up a free zone company in JAFZA easily. These shareholders can be somebody, non-individuals(corporations) or a mixture of both. A Free Zone company is a limited liability company inside the free zone where the accountability of the company is secured to the paid-up capital.

Single Shareholder Company

Whether a person or a company, a single shareholder can establish a free zone company. Like multiple shareholder companies, it is also a limited liability company in the Free zone with accountability tied up with the paid-up capital.

Branch Company

A branch company implies a business entity that is the subordinate of its origin company. Any company which is installed outside the JAFZA can form a branch company in JAFZA. It is obligatory if you want to continue doing business in Dubai.

Offshore Company

It is a corporation with a minimum of one shareholder, and there is no limitation on the maximum number of stockholders, they can be individuals, non-individuals or a blend of both. It is also a limited liability company.

Public Listed Company

A public liability company is an LLC in a Free zone which has a minimum of two shareholders or more; it is a separate legal entity, legal capacity, and rights of a person. It has to register its share on a stock exchange to attract the public to contribute to its capital.

The procedure of Setting Up Business in JAFZA

There are few steps to follow if you want to start a business in any of the Free Zones of Dubai, and the procedure may vary accordingly. To start a company in JAFZA, one has to follow the subsequent steps:

  • Fill the requisite application form
  • Once the petition is approved, then the concerned authority will issue a primary approval
  • Then there is a variety of office space available from JAFZA Selection from which you can get a suitable office space for your business
  • Once the office is chosen, lease documentation is processed and sent for approval
  • Legal documentation is done for the company incorporation and presented to JAFZA Authority
  • Business License is issued within 2-5 weeks, and after that, the business may commence its operation.

Why Us?

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