How to Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone

October 5, 2023

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Sixty or so years ago, no one would have imagined or guessed that Dubai will become the most futuristic city in the World and would be built from scratch. Yet this is precisely how the World is describing Dubai’s fantastic transformation into the land of dreams for which is known for today.

The city is home to one hundred and twenty “Fortune 500 ” Companies. The diverse business opportunities, Dubai’s tax benefits, lax and hassle-free government processes, Free zones and complete ownership of your company make it reasonably easy to start a business in Dubai.

The Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ) as the name entails is built to the South of the Dubai city and is near the Al Maktoum International Airport. The development of Dubai South is among the most fruitful initiatives taken by the Government of the UAE.

The Free Zone covers 140 kilometres of land, making it the largest Free Zone in Dubai and is situated close to Jebel Ali Sea Port. That gives DSFZ the utter advantage of performing numerous business activities such as logistics and aviation. Thus, placing Dubai squarely in the spotlight of the World stage.

Today, Dubai South Free Zone or Dubai World Central as it was previously known has taken its rightful place in the World. DWC is the World’s trade and aviation centre due to its closeness to Al Maktoum International Airport.

DWC is thriving, and its location in both a global and regional context gives it a considerable advantage over the rest of the Free zones. Subsequently making it an ideal place to start a company in Dubai and reap the benefits.

Types of Licenses in the Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ):

The various types of licenses available that need to be acquired before Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone is possible are listed below:

1. Commercial License:

This license is necessary for those business setups which are going to be involved in traditional trade. Any company that falls under the category of commercial business has to obtain a license to perform its business activities.

2. Industrial License:

This license is needed by companies wishing to go into manufacturing. The industrial license is perfect for those business owners that are going to start a factory in Dubai Free Zone.

3. Service License:

For the professionals who wish to provide their services to anyone who hires them, this license is for them. This license essentially is for the businesses that provide some kind of service.

4. Freelance License:

As the name suggests, this license is for anyone doing freelance work. To work as a freelancer, you just need to obtain a freelance license and nothing else.

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5. Education License:

Obtaining this license is a mandatory requirement for all education institutions.

The procedure of Obtaining a license in Dubai South Free Zone:

The particular method of getting a license in DSFZ is as follows:

Submission of Application with the Specific Legal Documents:

Before launching a business in Dubai South Free Zone, you need to submit a duly filled application form. The application then has to be sent to the Free Zone regulatory authority or can be submitted online. You will also have to provide the necessary documentation with the form.

Trade Name Selection and Reservation:

The selection of the name of your business entity is of significant importance as it is going to be the first thing anyone will see. Thus, utmost care should be taken when choosing a Trade name.
A good rule of thumb while naming your company is that is should have some association with your business activity. Moreover, it should, in any way, have any resemblance with other existing names.

Requisite Approvals:

In order to obtain a license, a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is a must for specific business activities that may require additional approvals from auxiliary authorities.

Business Registration:

Register your business setup in the online, government portal as soon as you get your approval documents. Along with the papers, you will also receive an invoice with fees that you need to pay to acquire a license in Dubai South Free Zone. Once the dues are cleared, your license is ready for collection. The license fees in Dubai Free Zone ranges from AED 3,000 to 7,000.

Essential Paperwork:

The relevant documents are:

  • A duly-signed approval form.
  • A lease Agreement depending on the type of government authority.

Documents Required to Use the license in Dubai South Free Zone:

Additional documentation is required in case of Starting an LLC or opening a branch office in Dubai Free Zone specifically in DSFZ are:

For a Branch Office:

  • Translate all documents into English or Arabic and then have them attested and notarized by a legal and competent authority.
  • A notarized, attested, and legal Certificate of Incorporation is also required.
  • A notarized, attested, and legal MOA (Memorandum of Association) and the AOA (Articles of Association) of the company of origin is needed.
  • A board resolution that is providing approval of setting up a branch office in the Free Zone.
  • A Certificate of Good Standing.
  • The newly obtained legal trade license should be notarized and attested.
  • A copy of the passport, preferably of General Manager.

For an LLC:

Same as above apart from a board resolution from the board of directors of the company wishing to open an LLC in Dubai Free Zone, i.e. approval of establishing a company is required.

With all these formalities taken care of now, you are ready to launch your business in DSFZ.

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