Businesses which are Flourishing Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

October 13, 2023

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The COVID-19 epidemic has led to a Worldwide lockdown and has hit businesses operating in every business sector of any size imaginable. Things that previously seemed to happen only in movies and books have now become our reality. Every government in the world had to make some tough choices concerning the societal health and economic prosperity of their respective country.

Businesses across various sectors have taken to reevaluating their business plans in acknowledgment of the social distancing stratagems( measures) set in place to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Business divisions like tourism, travel, e-commerce, and hospitality are the worst hit by this global pandemic. However, some businesses are still thriving during the pandemic as they encounter a spike in demand for their products and services.

Surprised right? Well, essential and necessary services like healthcare, food making, and delivery, and pharmaceuticals see an increase in demand even though there is limited movement of humans allowed..

Listed here are some business sectors which are still booming during the COVID-19 lockdown. These business setup in Dubai have witnessed a spike in there demand and are having some trouble in keeping up with a steady supply.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is in high demand now more than ever. Due to increasing COVID-19 patients, more beds, more equipment, and more hospitals are in use. The healthcare technology companies that offer home diagnostics and telemedicine service (lets patients to have a virtual consultation with a doctor or other healthcare professionals through remote means) are observing a rush in the number of consumers and queries. Healthcare also is associated with pharmaceuticals. The Research and Development team of all pharmaceutical companies globally are trying to find a cure for the virus. While, at the same time, they are also manufacturing testing kits, medicines namely hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol, and other things that are required by the frontline warriors in combating this pandemic. Therefore, the participation and the contribution of the healthcare sector to the COVID-19 outbreak is unmistakable

2. Delivery Services

People stuck in their homes are only authorized to have limited movement, which is why delivery businesses rendering services during the Coronavirus crisis have seen a considerable spike. With everyone observing Lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, last-mile delivery companies that provide fundamental transport products like grocery, foodstuffs, and medicine to their doorstep are undergoing a surge in business.

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3. Drones

Delivering medical specimens by the drone can greatly reduce needless human contact completely in the transport cycle. The drone division has witnessed an escalation in business over the last three months, and industry analysts and experts anticipate this trend to continue. Drone technology that had earlier been utilized to sprinkle pesticides in agricultural fields was famously employed by China to spray disinfectants in public areas and on prevention vehicles driving across affected areas.

Countries, including China, Spain, India, Italy, and South Korea, are utilizing drones to keep an eye on people during the COVID-19 lockdown.

4. E-Commerce

E-Commerce companies like Amazon are delivering the products that come under essential services. They are seeing overwhelming requests from consumers placing online orders for prepared and frozen foods and household goods as they want to avoid the crowded supermarkets and other public places. Nevertheless, one of the primary challenges met by the e-commerce sector is supply chain disruption as they strive to meet increasing demand.

5. Online Work Platforms

Because many companies are working from home, the communication gap between the employees and employers has to be considered. Video-conferencing, meeting platforms, and other real-time interaction tools are the need of the hour. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and Slack are encountering a rise in the number of active users on their platforms.

These business sectors are in demand more than ever. Eventually, the world will revert to how it was before the COVID-19 struck, and then it will be business as usual. But until then, this is the new normal, and we need to adjust our activities accordingly.

How can KWSME help Businesses during the COVID-19 Lockdown?

We at KWS Middle East know that the businesses throughout the world are suffering the most because of this COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Lockdown. Because of this, our business setup consultants have devised a start from the home initiative that helps businesses in the UAE. We have enhanced our business setup procedure so that you can register your business setup in Dubai from the convenience of your home. Our experts help you in making decisions that are best for your business in the long run.

In case of any queries, contact us. Our company formation specialists, will be more than happy to resolve your questions.

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