5 Low-Cost Investment Businesses To Hack Into The World Of Fashion

October 12, 2023

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Over the past decade, Dubai has established itself as the Middle Eastern hub for fashion. Entrepreneurs, influencers, designers, stylists, and international retail brands pertaining to the fashion industry have all found Dubai to be the place to be if they want to take their brand to newer heights. Additionally, the local talent of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is highly dynamic and innovative and has managed to flourish in a steadily evolving fashion world.

So, what truly makes Dubai tick? The answer is – anything and everything that has worldwide appeal, delivers excellence, has value, and does not have the sword of Damocles hanging over its head as it does on crude oil. In a nutshell, any idea which can ultimately be turned into a business setup in Dubai is the thing that makes Dubai unstoppable!

Dubai’s Fashion Industry and Market

Dubai’s fashion market includes clothing of every kind imaginable, and it consists of both domestic goods and exported merchandise. The bulk of Dubai’s population is of Arab descent. The rest of the UAE’s population is a healthy mix of other ethnicities. Five percent of those consist of employees from the Eastern countries. With a tinier percentage of immigrating business people taking full-time residency. Dubai’s market is home to many import-export related activities. As a consequence of the active and open and extensive business networks that are in Dubai and its prime gulf locality, wholesale apparel is exported easily throughout the Middle East, and the rest of its neighboring countries, including Turkey and those that reside in the African sub-continent.

Business and Investment Opportunities in the Fashion Industry of Dubai

If you are a fashionista or a fashion fiend who wants to establish their career in this industry, then Dubai is the place to be as there is a world of investment opportunities waiting just for you! All you need is a solid business idea, a good network of people, and you are ready to begin.

We have put together a list of five low-cost investment opportunities in the fashion industry of Dubai for you that surely will enthrall you to start your fashion business right away.

1. Fashion Consulting Business

A fashion consulting business is an outstanding option for a sociable, lively, observant person who has an eye for fashion. It can be a particularly unique business opportunity for those with extensive experience in the retail sector who find joy working directly with customers and creating looks for them. Plus, this business requires no form of formal education. Just that it would be infinitely better for if you get a degree in any subject that is associated with fashion as it can help in improving your reputation and gaining the client’s trust when you are first starting.

2. Fashion Blogger or Vlogger

Social media is the source of inspiration for countless people. A decade ago, we did not know about its significance, but now we know better as it has disrupted each facet of our life and reshaped the way we do things entirely. As we explicitly talk about Dubai, the same stands true for this city of millennials. The city that is the hub of all high-end international fashion brands, fashion bloggers, can really create a name for themselves by writing about anything and everything. From life-altering to game-changing fashion reveals to discussing all the happenings of the fashion world, merely by browsing through the Dubai malls.

3. Personal Shopping Business

Your very own personal shopping business in Dubai is ideal for someone who has prior experience in fashion, styling, make-up, hair-care, and other related fields. Startup costs for a personal styling and shopping company are very low. You can ordinarily get things up and running for a lower price, with the majority of that expense going toward local advertising. Earning potential will vary considerably depending on the office location and how many customers you are able to manage at once.

4. Costume Rental

Currently, people from all over the world are flocking towards Dubai. The primary logic behind this massive influx of individuals is the numerous lucrative career opportunities that the city extends to anyone who dares to dream. So whilst they are busy with their work lives, squandering time and money on purchasing all the fancy clothes that are required for office parties and other social gatherings can quickly become a tedious task. Therefore, if you know what the world of fashion is all about, you can easily open your own store or launch your very own label that can offer rental services to this fashion-savvy population.

5. Fashion Event Planner

From breathtaking cliff-diving to thrilling desert safari rides, Dubai, in every sense of the word, has it all. But beyond this splendid and incredible way of entertainment, Dubai is well-known for conducting the most anticipated events of the year. The Dubai shopping festival is an annual occurrence that the tourists enjoy greatly. So if you have a penchant for planning and styling, love to micro-manage people, work great under-pressure, then this is the job meant for you. Plus, by collaborating with world-renowned fashion designers and international modeling agencies, can help you make connections with influential and powerful people that can surely take you places in Dubai.

To cut a long story short, we’ve come a long way from the days when the only sought-after and high-paying jobs in the fashion industry were photographers, designers, or that of models. People aspiring to work in the fashion industry today have an abundance of career options tailormade to match their expertise perfectly. If you are someone who is excited by the fashion world, then there is a unique opportunity for you to profit off of, just waiting for you to make it yours.

We at KWS Middle East can help you set up your fashion boutique store in Dubai. Our business experts are knowledgeable and can help you in registering your business in Dubai. Be it in Dubai mainland or free zone or rest of the UAE, our business setup consultants, will guide you every step of the way.

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