How to start event management business in Dubai?

Start event management business in Dubai
February 7, 2024

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The hospitality industry in the UAE is set to reach new heights during 2024. Massive support from the UAE government in terms of new policies is playing a major role in business advancement. So, you can start event management business in Dubai to tap into this market.

The open culture of the UAE is fueling the growth of the hospitality industry and expansion of the service providers. Whether, corporate events or recreational events, Dubai is always a top choice to host them. If you’re planning to acquire event management license, then your chances of progressing are better than ever.

Opening of new tourist destinations and exemption from VAT for travelers is bringing new opportunities. Also, the success of Dubai Expo 2020 has led to the increase in the business activities. Similarly, the event management industry of Dubai is getting healthier by the day.

Defining the event management company

What is an event management company?

In essence, an event management company is a firm who plans and organizes corporate, entertainment, and public events. They manage ceremonies, celebrations, product launches, service presentations, workshops, conferences, etc. Moreover, event management companies have a great scope in the modern busy lifestyle of today.

If you are looking to start event management business in Dubai, now is a great time to do that. Remember, the first step is to decide what type of events you want to organize. Decide whether you want to conduct large scale event, small scale event, product introduction, promotion, or a conference.

Areas to setup an event management business in Dubai

Which areas are best to begin event management business in Dubai?

To setup your event management company in Dubai, you have to decide your business interest. Then, you have to choose the location where you want to conduct your hospitality operations. You can select an area to start event management business in Dubai from these options.

Let’s have a look on these choices.

Dubai mainland

To conduct events all over the UAE, you need to setup business on Dubai mainland. For this purpose, you need to apply for event management license directly from Department of Economic Development (DED). Also, you need to take permission once from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Free zone

Several free zones in the UAE are home to many prestigious event management companies. For example, Dubai World Center (DWC), Fujairah Creative City (FCC), and Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA), etc. Select the free zone where you want to establish your event management company.

Send an application form along with necessary documents like passport copy and visa copy to the free zone authority. UAE free zone company formation provides 100% ownership to the foreign investors. However, there are limitations on where business owners can conduct events and exhibitions.

Keep in mind that event management companies setup in the free zone can’t hold events in the mainland. Likewise, they must apply for a permit from every venue they work with. They can’t hold events in public spaces such as beaches or parks.

Allowed activities for event management business in Dubai

What activities can an event management company perform in Dubai?

Event management license in Dubai makes your company eligible to undertake these activities.

  • Organize business events like service launches, product introductions, conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions, etc.
  • Manage gala events, award ceremonies, movie promotions, etc.
  • Conduct symposiums, book/novel reveals, technology meetups, etc.
  • Run public or family get together events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Hotel reservations for the attendees of the events
  • Selling of tickets for events

Non-permissible activities for event management company in Dubai

Which activities an event management firm can not conduct in Dubai?

An event management license doesn’t permits you to execute these activities in Dubai.

  • Carrying out any civil/construction workings (for e.g. building stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands or any extra construction work).
  • Trading activities (also include import and export of products)
  • Venue management
  • Training activities
  • Holding and sponsoring events lacking the approval of the appropriate authorities
  • Talent agency’s activities

Procedure to obtain event management license in Dubai

What is process to get event management license in Dubai?

The first step for company incorporation in Dubai is to fill out application form for obtaining the license. Furthermore, you need to provide personal and professional information. Also, you have to list down your business activities.

In the case of Dubai mainland, submit the complete legal application form to DED with necessary documents. Then, wait for reply from DED for your initial approval. After initial go ahead, pay the fee and get license in a few days after the final approval.

However, if you aim to start event management business in Dubai free zones. Then, submit your application to the relevant free zone authority of your choosing. Note that there are different rules for each free zone.

Benefits of starting an event management company in Dubai

Which are perks of forming event management firm in Dubai?

The hospitality industry of UAE hit $7.6 billion in 2022. Dubai as one of leading business and tourist destinations is playing a big part in it. Here are the advantages of establishing an event management company in Dubai.

Now, we take a brief look on these rewards you get as you start an event management business in Dubai.

Flexible visa options

There is no upper limit which means that event management business owners can apply for limitless visas.

Minimal office space requirements

In UAE free zone, there is often no requirement to take on office space and but on the mainland, however, office space is required. Nonetheless, it depends on your business activity and budget on what kind of space will be needed. Our company formation specialists at KWS Middle East will guide you all about office types and leasing process.

Low cost to business setup

  • Event management licenses are incredibly affordable in Dubai.
  • Also, there is no requirement for paid upfront share capital for mainland event management businesses.
  • Similar is the case with many of the UAE’s free zones.
  • There are very few upfront costs outside of this.
  • These depend on your business activity, providing you’ve a PC and a relevant knowledge of the sector, you’re good to go.

Sponsoring dependents

An event management license also lets you to acquire residence visas for your dependents. Fortunately, starting an event management company in Dubai is somewhat an simple process. Especially, if you’re aware of all the legal formalities.


If not, you can always take help of our business consultants at KWS Middle East to make things easier. Get all information on business setup in UAE by visiting our website. Thus, connect with us today to discuss all your business formation queries.

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