Setting up a Furniture business in the UAE

September 15, 2023

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One of the most successful sectors in UAE is the real estate. Due to the numerous business and growth opportunities, many foreign investors and entrepreneurs are attracted to UAE which results into growth of demand for real estate. This successful real estate sector has helped boost other businesses and industries as well.

The furniture business in the UAE is just one of the many businesses uplifted by the real estate sector. If you are planning to expand or set up a new furniture business in the UAE, KWS Middle East, a firm with seasoned consultants can help you. Whether it’s obtaining a business license, forming a company, or registering a product or your trademark, the firm provides you with a full suite of services for your business setup in Dubai. It also takes care of your registration processes and makes sure you do not have to roam around Dubai from one office to another to get your business going. Pro services and visa processing are just some of the many support services that your business can do well with.

Furniture Market in the UAE

Before UAE was recognized as an important hub for business setup in Dubai, business related to furnishing did not seem to be a strong sector. However, once UAE had started being considered as of the most active nations in terms of business, the furnishing businesses gained recognition. UAE plays as an important market of export for Asia, Africa and Europe. This lead to an increase in the imports and exports.

If you are planning on setting up and expanding any kind of business in UAE, you need to recognize the different needs of different industries. Operating a business, especially in already flourishing markets can be difficult. Therefore, it is important for the investors and entrepreneurs to understand and analyze the dynamics of the market they want to operate in.

Why Start a Furniture Business in the UAE?

In case you have doubts about setting up a furniture business in Dubai, these are some of the reasons, why investors and entrepreneurs are interested in operating their business in UAE.

  • Boost in the real estate sectors causes an increase in the demand for furniture
  • Variety in the furnishing needs of different businesses helps bring versatility to your business, helping you gain a prominent name in the furniture industry
  • Increase in business setups means increase in the demand for furnishing equipment
  • The change in the lifestyle of UAE resident is creates higher demand for furniture businesses
  • Furniture businesses contribute to the import and export sector
  • UAE’s strong networking with the neighboring countries provides opportunities for expansion
  • Furthermore, the Expo 2020 is predicted to help boost growth of the furniture industry

How to Start a Furniture Shop in the UAE?

Business setup in Dubai has a very clear process.

  • You might need a local sponsor depending on whether you setup a free zone company or company in mainland Dubai
  • Choose a good location
  • Learn the laws and legislations relevant to furniture businesses
  • Obtaining your business licenses and the register your business with relevant authorities
  • Complete the paperwork in order to start operating your business

Benefits of Establishing a Furniture Business in the UAE

Listed below are some of the benefits of setting up a furniture business in the UAE:

  • UAE provides a growing market
  • It is an international business location
  • Labour is cheap
  • Provides connection to other Gulf Cooperation Council countries
  • There are different zones for business operations in UAE such as Mainland, Free Zone, Offshore, that provide you with great benefits for your business
  • There are no corporate taxes

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