How to find the perfect office space in Dubai?

Find the perfect office space in Dubai
January 29, 2024

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With every passing day, more and more businesses are opting to start their operations in UAE. Due to the high demand for rental properties in Dubai, it is challenging to find an appropriate commercial space. Therefore, finding a suitable office space in Dubai at an economical rate is difficult in 2024.

The companies that do the majority of their business activities online may feel the temptation for a virtual office. Dubai business rules require businesses within the city must have physical addresses to ensure the adequate monitoring of their activities. As an entrepreneur, you must know the importance of having a perfect office space.

Thanks to the government’s policies, Dubai is conducive to business formation. Besides, the UAE has set up various industry-specific free zones to attract international investors to its shores. Right from the get-go, understand that arranging a workplace in Dubai is mandatory to conduct legitimate business operations.

Need for office space in Dubai

Why you need an office space in Dubai?

As a business owner in Dubai, you need to have the best office there. Your office as a doorway to your business, plays an essential role in forming the opinion of users about you. By looking at your office, your clients create their first impression of you.

Therefore, having an attractive office space in Dubai with adequate work culture is a basic corporate requirement. Whether, you are a citizen of UAE, an immigrant, or a foreigner. Well, two primary questions come to the mind of an entrepreneur.

Should you buy an office in Dubai? Is it better to get an office for rent in Dubai? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The real estate rate is on the rise, so it is best to get a modest office for rent in Dubai.

Your workspace is more than just a series of cubicles. It is the first thing your potential clients see. The location and ambiance of your rental office space is responsible for creating a lasting impression on them.

Key advantages of renting an office in Dubai

Which are the benefits of renting an office in Dubai?

Finding an office space with all the needs is not that easy, if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey. Starting a business in Dubai is rewarding, but can turn out an intimidating task. Similarly, locating the right office in Dubai is even more challenging.

Buying an office has its pros. However, it is tricky, notably for a start-up company in Dubai. You as a newbie entrepreneur have to answer some questions after incorporating a business setup in Dubai.

How do you exactly impress your clients? Is it by giving them discounts? Or by offering them extra credit? The answer is: a potential client is impressed by the way you present yourself and how your working space looks.

These are a few benefits of renting an office space in Dubai.

Let’s briefly look into these particular insights on why renting an office in Dubai is the right choice.

Less financial load

This is one of the most significant advantages of renting an office in Dubai. It takes off the additional financial load. Also, it is a better option for startups and new companies to rent an office space in Dubai.

In case, you are a proud owner of a building in Dubai’s illustrious commercial area. Then, you have to look after its maintenance and other charges. It costs more depending on the scale, to maintain a building than having a cheap office for rent in Dubai.

Great flexibility

After sometime, every business is ripe for great expansion. If your business setup in Dubai is progressing towards success, moving into a bigger office turns into a necessity. As you grow your business, you want more employees, for which you require larger office space in Dubai.

In case, you have an office of your own. Then moving into a bigger office or extending the current one becomes tricky. A rental office gives you the flexibility for moving into a bigger and better office space, when you need it.

More convenience

One of the most challenging tasks during the incorporation of company formation in Dubai, is buying an office space. Also, you require furniture, tech equipment and all the bells and whistles that come with establishing an office in Dubai. The initial setup costs a lot, not to mention it is unbearably time-consuming.

On the other hand, acquiring an office space in Dubai for rent is super easy not to mention super fast. Rental or leased offices are amply equipped with all the services needed for a business. For example, corporate furniture, meeting rooms, built-in phone lines, internet service, power points, etc.

Saving working capital

Office space is an essential asset of the company, which needs more capital. But if a company spends in taking a reasonable office on rent in Dubai, then it can preserve more money. Because, it demands less amount of working capital, in comparison to owning a building or purchasing an office space. This conservation of the working capital has a straight impact on the company’s periodic cash flows.

Tips for getting a suitable office space in Dubai

What are tips for finding right office space in Dubai?

Choosing a rental office space in Dubai that boosts your brand’s popularity is vital. After all, a unique brand identity is necessary for you to beat your competition and come up on top. Here are some useful tactics for acquiring a decent office space in Dubai for rent.

Let’s take a look at these tips in detail.

Know your requirements

You must understand your business requirements before searching for the right office space in Dubai for rent. However, it depends on the type of business you are operating in the United Arab Emirates. After knowing the company needs, you realize whether a business center is ideal for renting an office space in Dubai.

Sometimes, going for an office space in Dubai having a warehouse is more suitable. As it all comes down to finding a workplace for smooth operations for your business. A few options that you may consider for an office space in Dubai are the following.

  • Workplace with a warehouse
  • Fitted-out office space
  • Centrally located premises
  • Open-space facility

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Pick suitable locations

Choosing an appropriate location for your office space in Dubai is very important. Having an workplace in a popular area adds a touch of professionalism and an air of credibility to your business. Moreover, it is essential in luring in customers that will inadvertently boost your profits.

Dubai mainland offers several locations that are known for providing the companies matchless mobility and accessibility. Also, it is famous for its vicinity to other business centers. Dubai mainland is home to the largest commercial zones like Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), and Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC).

Business that have office space in Dubai business centers in the mainland are thought to have hit the jackpot. Sheik Zayed Road, DWTC, and DIFC are among the most desirable business locations in all of the Dubai. Companies fall over themselves to get a spot in any of these commercial hubs. Rents are on the higher side in the Dubai mainland as many companies are looking to set up a base here.

Companies providing services in any particular area can select a free zone that is apt for their specific industry. Many companies set up business and obtain office space in Dubai at these free trade zones for ease and convenience. Dubai Media City, Healthcare City, Dubai Design District, and Dubai Internet City are famous examples of these free zones.

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Once, you have chosen a rental office space in Dubai, it is mandatory that you complete all the legal requirements. Usually, the rental contract mandates you to deposit an agreed-upon amount in the bank account of the landlord. This agreement guarantees that the office space is reserved for you until the end of the contract.

Discuss with business consultants before signing the office rental agreement. This ensures that the other party is not duping or exploiting you. Likewise, having a credible rental contract qualifies you for a business license.

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Get help from business advisors

Most entrepreneurs adhere to the practice of consulting with the business advisors in the UAE. These specialists are adept at finding an ideal office space in Dubai to satisfy all your requirements to the fullest. Furthermore, they negotiate on your behalf with your potential landlord to finalize a rental rate that is within your budget.

Business consultants do everything possible to get you the in-demand business address in a commercial center of your choice. Starting a business and making it successful requires extensive planning, strategy, and foresight. Nonetheless, it is only easy, if you are a serial entrepreneur or are the owner of big corporation.

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Newbie business owners and startup founders should hire business setup consultants to overcome this hardship. Essentially, it is only possible if one has the experience in the art of company formation. You can discuss with the industry leaders to realize your entrepreneurship dream.

The experts at KWS Middle East are here to serve you for this purpose. After listening to your problems/challenges, they advise a solution that is perfect for your business. From company incorporation to office rental to tax filing, they are available to assist you.

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