Why setup business in Dubai Airport Free Zone?

Why setup business in Dubai Airport Free Zone?
November 9, 2023

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One of the world’s most modern free trade zones is Dubai Airport Free Zone. Also known as DAFZ, it encourages diversification across the industries. That’s why many companies want to setup business in Dubai Airport Free Zone in 2024.

Dubai Airport Free Zone houses more than 2500 companies in 20+ business sectors. Over 25000 professionals are taking advantage of the world-class facilities in DAFZ. Foreign investors enjoy full ownership, and 100% of earnings.

DAFZ is providing the most lucrative investment opportunities to entrepreneurs for business setup in Dubai since its establishment in 1996. It is home to industries like eCommerce, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, IT, cosmetics, engineering and building materials, food and beverage, etc. With business sectors like aerospace and aviation, logistics and freight — DAFZ offers a unique solution to global business market.

Performance stats of Dubai Airport Free Zone

The flexible business investment environment of Dubai Airport Free Zone is the reason of its efficient performance. DAFZ is among the flag-bearers of innovation in the United Arab Emirates. Here are the salient statistics that highlight the value of DAFZ in the leading free zones.

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone is contributing about 4.7% to the GDP of Dubai.
  • DAFZ is entering the metaverse through METADAFZ after the announcement at GITEX 2022.
  • Non-oil trade of DAFZ rose to AED 162 billion in 2021 with a 36% growth from 119 billion in 2020.
  • DAFZ’s foreign trade shot to AED 164 billion in 2019 from 146 billion in 2018 (a 12.6% growth).
  • The contribution of DAFZ to the Dubai trade was 10.7% in 2021.

Benefits of business setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone

For your business, company formation in DAFZ can prove the best choice and offers these key advantages.

  • Attracting international companies
  • Strategic location
  • Easy business setup
  • Comprehensive services
  • Quality workplaces
  • Wide range of activities

Now, we take a look on these rewards of the DAFZ.

Attracting international companies

Dubai Airport Free Zone provides the most attractive incentive packages, connectivity, and support to multinational companies from every continent. DAFZ keeps pace with international market requirements, economic policies, and developments across various global business sectors. This is why leading international companies such as Japanese ASAHI YUKIZAI, Irish Aerogen have their regional headquarter in DAFZ.

Strategic location

Dubai Airport Free Zone is simply the best in the Gulf region in terms of its location. Foreign investors enjoy the salient rewards that DAFZ offers. Also, its closeness to the Dubai International Airport is a plus point.

  • The central location of DAFZ provides quick access to key business hot spots in Dubai.
  • It helps in the ease of operational functioning and making business more productive.
  • Dubai International Airport makes business travel very easy, as more than 150 airlines connect 220 destinations across 6 continents.
  • Businesses have easy access to logistics and cargo handling facilities catering to import and export needs.

Easy business setup

The simple business setup process of DAFZ supports entrepreneurs closely through each stage of their company formation. It includes stages like deciding the type of business you wish to run, choosing the appropriate license, to selecting and furnishing your office. These are the three simple steps you need to start a business in the free zone.

  • Select your company Type
  • Submit the required documents for initial review and approval
  • Sign the lease, register your company and collect office keys

Comprehensive services

DAFZ offers a complete range of Dubai company incorporation and administrative services to its prospective and existing clients.

  • Business setup (Licensing and registration) services
  • Administrative support
  • Employee and family sponsorship services
  • IT and telecommunication services
  • Housekeeping and building maintenance
  • 24/7 security

Quality workplaces

DAFZ has a state-of-the-art business park that offers valuable facilities for offices depending upon the company preferences.

  • Packages for new startups (Smart desk package, Business desk office package, Business enabled office package)
  • Executive suite office packages (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum packages)
  • Customizable office plan (Mold work environment for your corporate identity and branding)
  • Light industrial units (High quality, thermal insulated, purpose-built units to use as warehouse or for light production)

Wide range of activities

This is one of the unique selling points of Dubai Airport Free Zone. Entrepreneurs are up for a treat as it permits a wide range of business activities. DAFZ offers four kinds of business licenses.

  • Trade license
  • Service license
  • Industrial license
  • General trading license

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Incentives for investment in DAFZ

Given below are the incentives for which people or companies are investing in the DAFZ.

  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • No currency restriction
  • 100% withdrawal of business capital and profits
  • No employment restriction

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Reduction in taxes in DAFZ

  • 100% corporate tax exemption
  • Full personal income tax exemption
  • 100% import & export tax exemption
  • Full exemption on VAT

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In case, you want to setup business in Dubai Airport Free Zone. You can seek professional advice for business advisors in the UAE. By taking guidance from these business consultants, you can remove the complexity from the company formation procedure.

You can connect with KWS Middle East to handle the overall process. Our experts will help you to greatly save your time. Consequently, you will make the most of your resources.

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