Unique Business Ideas in Dubai: Wacky Ways to Make Money

September 15, 2023

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Dubai is without a doubt a city that is filled with opportunities. It is the land of prosperity and affluence, which welcomes visitors from all corners of the world with open arms.

For over a decade now investors both foreign and local have been visiting Dubai with hopes to make their dreams into a reality.

From a thriving economy to a diverse population, from a culture that is amiable for foreigners to relaxed business setup rules, Dubai has something for everybody.

Dubai has long-since evolved into a the most looked-for destination for business-owners and entrepreneurs from around the globe. The UAE government has devised flexible business setup policies and curated modern infrastructure to successfully attract the foreign investments pouring in abundance.

Now, coming to the point: How to start a business in Dubai that attracts the attention of the masses immediately?

To answer this, let us shed some light on some wacky, unique, way-out-there- business ideas that believe it or not only work but are profitable.

We know that some of these business ideas might make you shake your head in utter disbelief, while others will make you exclaim out loud,” Hey! This might actually work.”

And as we have stated earlier that Dubai being the land of business and investment opportunities, these ideas will not only work but as you will have lesser competition, these businesses will churn out profits sooner rather than later.

Secret Of Finding a Niche Market

Before we get down to business, let us first address the elephant in the room. How or why do these wacky business ideas work?

There is no big secret behind their success,it is just that these business ideas have somehow managed to successfully connect with an under-served group of people (customers)– which in layman’s terms is also called a NICHE MARKET.

That being said let these unique business ideas inspire you to find a niche market of your own in Dubai.

Broken Dolls Repair (Hospital) Shop

Staring with possibly the wackiest, most out there business idea there is: Doll repair and restoration . Basically, what happens at such an establishment is that, a “doll doctor” — an expert who is equipped with the skills required in making the necessary repairs will “treat” the doll, whether the doll needs new parts sculpted or replaced or if it needs a costume change all amenities are provided here.

Don’t be alarmed if this business idea is’ ‘ too unique” for you. To allay your fears let us assure that this business idea is indeed viable and in fact the oldest doll hospital was established in Lisbon Portugal in 1830.

The American Girl Doll store has an in-house Doll repairing service in Dubai that is currently operational in the UAE.

So, if you love dolls and have the skills to fix them, then doll repair might just be the business idea for you.

Head Lice Removal

This business idea is certainly unique and there is a market for it in Dubai’s business landscape which no one has tapped yet.

Because let’s face it head lice are out there—and there’s a 50% chance that some of them may decide that your child’s head is their new home!

Fortunately, ( or rather unfortunately in the parents case) this need to get rid of head lice immediately has given rise to businesses that offer head lice and nit removal services.

In the UAE not many people are in this business, which gives you a chance to jump in to set up your business in Dubai in this particular niche.

Mannequins for Sale or Rent

We were not kidding when we said that we will give you unique business ideas for setting up a business in Dubai. If you thought we were please review the above mentioned wack business ideas we have presented so far!

Now, on to the next: Have you ever wondered where all those mannequins that you see in retail stores come from?

Obviously, someone is making them. In a mannequin factory. So that is the first business idea that uses mannequins as their focal point.

But here we are submitting another mannequin-themed business idea, which is quite economical as well.

You can build a company in Dubai, that sells and rents out –second-hand– used mannequins to aspiring fashion designers, fashion students and tailors. And if you really want to up the ante you can sell household decor items that are fashioned from these mannequins, like mannequin leg lamp or mannequin hand candle-holder. Now, that is some out of the box thinking!

Cat Cafés

Another unique business idea that you can implement to start your very own small business in Dubai is Cat Cafes.

As we all know, spending time with animals is soothing for both the mind and the body. And if for some reason you can not keep any animals at your home then you can easily go to businesses that have them.

A good example of such a business is cat cafe. Cat cafes are places where customers go to unwind and relax by drinking tea or coffee and petting the resident cats. These cafes have long been popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan so much so that in order to enjoy it is advised that you make reservations ahead of time.

With the recent influx of chinese and japanese expats arriving in the UAE, these cat cafes might feel like a home away from home making them frequent your establishment more often. Thus, it will be a win-win for both the clients and the business.

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Mowing Goats

As global warming is on the rise, several multinational giants are taking steps to curb this extreme environmental event. Google is at the helm of this revolution, it is playing it due part by employing methodologies that are helping our Earth. For instance, it uses goats to mow its lawn and field around its California headquarters.

Mowing Goats are known to be more eco-friendly than the standard pesticides and weed whackers.

In this era where large conglomerates are obsessed with maintaining an environmentally-friendly image this might be the business idea for you.

Bed Bug Eradicator

If you have the misfortune of staying at a hotel or a youth hostel ridden with bed bugs, then you already know that there is a market for this business idea.

You can provide bed bug removal services as well as you can sell bed bug barriers that can stop the little critters from crawling into the bed. As these barriers trap the bugs from creeping into the bed while their occupant sleeps.

Final Word

Starting a business in Dubai or anywhere for that matter is seldom easy, but it can become a lot easier when you plan on doing something fun, or something you really care about. The leading entrepreneurs all emphasize on doing something you are passionate about—maybe we should listen to them!

If you are ready to set up your business in Dubai, then give KWS Middle East a call.

We will take care of all the tedious details of setting up a business in Dubai, leaving you to focus on expanding and growing your business.

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