How to request DMCC Visa Cancellation and their rules

September 13, 2023

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The visa policy of the UAE is very open and investor-friendly. The policy has been made this way in order to attract foreign businessmen and investors to invest in the UAE and for business setup in Dubai to grow, a goal that the authorities in the UAE have worked towards for three decades now.

In order to create a business hub in a region, it is not only important to develop infrastructure and create business-friendly laws and regulate the market in a proper manner so as to create efficiency and quality. In fact, it is highly important that potential investors are provided ease in coming to the region with their investments.

It is also important that their visits are made comfortable and that these investors do not have to go through the trouble for things like visas and flying.

The visa policy and ease

Over the years, the government of the UAE has continued to develop the visa policy and has updated systems from record-keeping to the provision of visas. The development has also taken place in the procedure for obtaining the visa and today it is extremely easy for businessmen to fly over to the UAE for purposes related to business. The success of the UAE in attracting foreign investment and the development of the region through the setup of world-famous businesses is proof of how well the visa policies and systems have worked for the UAE.

Cancelling your UAE visa

A DMCC licensed company must cancel the employment residence visa after an employee leaves the company. For visa cancellation, an application has to be sent through the DMCC company portal.

There are two scenarios for the employment visa cancellation process and the application process differs in each scenario.

The first scenario is in case the employee is inside the country, while the second scenario is in case the employee is outside the country. Visa cancellation for outside the country is applicable only in three cases:

  1. the employee completes six months outside the UAE
  2. the employee is outside the country and his or her residence visa has expired
  3. the employee is outside the country for less than six months but has sent his or her original passport to the company.

Steps you need to take to cancel your visa

Let’s look at the DMCC visa cancellation procedure:

a. Complete the application for employment visa cancellation on the portal

b. Upload the necessary documents and pay the DMCC visa cancellation fee.

c. After you have paid the DMCC visa cancellation fee, the Human Resources signatory of the company receives a notification with the End of Service Entitlement to electronically sign it.

d. The employee then receives a notification to e-sign the same End of Service Entitlement. If the employee’s salary is less than or equal AED 5000, he or she must visit the DMCC counter for the in-person signing.

e. The company’s authorised representative to approach DMCC counters for submission of original documents, if the employee is outside the country for less than six months and has sent his or her original passport to the company. .

f. Receive a notification confirming the cancellation of the residence visa.

g. The courier will deliver the original passport along with the cancellation documents to the company office.

Your DMCC visa cancellation procedure is now complete.

Who can help you with visa services?

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You can take advantage of the experience and knowledge the experts at the consultancy who make sure that all your visa processes are smooth and quick, whether it is registration for a new visa or an application for the cancellation of visa. The goal of the consultancy is to help you gain all the right knowledge before you take a step further.

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