What is the E-Channel Immigration System and how will it affect your company?

September 15, 2023

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We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of immigration in UAE. From a population of one million in 1980 to almost ten million today, it is due to the influx of foreign workers. According to CIA World’s Fact book, more than 90% of UAE population comprises of expatriates.

Also popular as tourist destination, UAE attracts huge number of oversees travelers who visit UAE under tourist visa. Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world. Nearly 14 million visitors traveled to Dubai in 2015. For this reason UAE continuously upgrades its immigration policies and procedures to cope with increased visa demand as well as provide efficient application and issuing process.

This is why E-channel immigration system is being implemented in UAE with the aim to make the process more simplified and quick. The system will reduce time frame for administrative and documentation work for businesses and individuals.

What is E-channel Immigration system?

E-channel immigration system is introduced as part of Vision 2021 of UAE that says ‘Smart Services with Future Vision’. E-channel system is a relatively new change that is implemented in 6 out of 7 UAE states. Dubai has its own independent immigration system which it will continue to use.

As a result of the system, businesses and individuals do not have to visit immigration office or typing center to apply for visas, residence and entry permits. Instead they will utilize E-channel; entering permits via single online portal at the convenience of their home and save the hassle of multiple visits to different offices.

In Arabic, E-channel immigration system is called as ‘Tahaluf’. It will remove the need to produce hard copy documents and will ensure a smooth application process with enhanced integration across Emirates.

How to Use It?

Individuals and business seeking for visas or permits (residence, visit, and tourist) for their relatives and employees will have to first register on E-Channel portal. Entire process will be carried out online that include payment too. You can print applicable permits by yourself at home.

How to Register?

The whole process is designed to make experience of the users incredibly easy.

  • In case of Free Zone Company, use free zone details for login purpose. Register to the portal through an agent or appointed and authorized free zone typing centers.
  • You can also visit E-Channel website and choose either individual or establishment services.
  • After that, click on registration button for which you will be required to provide email id. They will send account setup instructions to your email.
  • After receiving confirmation message from MOI (Ministry of Interior), click on ‘complete registration’ link and continue to create your profile.
  • Once you have setup an account in the system, you can straight away utilize its online services.

Benefits of E-Channel Immigration System

1. Efficiency

The biggest advantage and initial motive to launch E-channel immigration system was to increase efficiency. According to Ministry of Interior, “The new system is a pioneering step to ensure a speedy process and accuracy in the visa and residency services”. Individuals and businesses for the first time in UAE will be able to manage their license applications, visas, amendments, upgrades, renewals and other related processes through a single portal that will definitely result in quick and smooth processing.

2. Lower Administrative Burden

Individuals and businesses need not to visit immigration centers and fill extensive paperwork. This will reduce administrative burden upon users. Necessary documents such as passport copies and ID cards need not to be submitted in hard form, rather scan it and upload to E-channel portal. The aim of MOI is to lower the need to visit government centers personally by up to 80%.

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