USARTC – Specific Free Zone For U.S. Citizens

September 14, 2023

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The United States of American is a super power in the world. It has one of the best and strongest economies in the world but the business and the market in the U.S is much bigger and different than other parts of the world. When it comes to investments and money circulating in the economy, there is no bigger place than the U.S. Organizations as old as 200 years are now giants that are acting as pillars for the economy. Thousands of banks and companies are operating throughout the U.S and people have lots of money to save and spend at the same time.

U.S has investments all around the world, whether it is Africa, Asia or Europe. It has special interests in Asia as the corporate sectors come to Asia to lower their costs and make use of the resources available in the Asian countries. The U.S relations with the UAE have always been strong and two countries have cooperated on different matters of mutual interest. The authorities know each-others goals and respect the relation that has brought the UAE where it is today.

Authorities in the UAE also realize how important it is to associate themselves with the markets in the U.S in order to attract investment to the UAE for company formation in Dubai. Many of the top U.S companies have made their way to the UAE and taken part in the development of the UAE by setting up their operations in the desert turned city.

Company formation in Dubai by the U.S citizens and nationals has grown over the years since everyone wants to have a bigger share of business setup in UAE.

USARTC- A specific free zone for the citizens of U.S

The United States of America Regional Trade Centre is one of the many free zones in the UAE. However, it is unique in the sense that it has been developed solely for the citizens of the USA. The free zone has been equipped with the best equipment as well as the best facilities that one could ask for. The free zone will allow U.S citizens to run their business setup in Dubai and gain benefits from the business friendly policies of the UAE government. It will also allow the citizens to have easy a rather easy process to own a business setup in Dubai. This way, the reach of the U.S companies will become even better as it will be able to penetrate through the markets in Asia quite easily, provided that the business setup in UAE functions well enough.

The free zone will allow the companies to be safe from taxation of different types and the local sponsor requirement. The companies can repatriate 100% of the profit to their home country. The business setup policies are easy to follow and the procedures have been made simple in order to help business formation grow and to attract investment from the U.S.

Even in other free zones, U.S companies have invested a lot and have been able to make their business successful.

The procedures

For company formation in the USARTC, help will be provided to those who require it. Firms like KWS Middle East assist investors with the laws and legal procedures that are to be followed in the UAE since nationals of other countries are not at all aware of how things work in the UAE. KWS Middle East will also assist with company formation and provide trademark registration, product registration and many other such services.

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