UAE’s IT Sector Growing at an Astonishing Pace

October 12, 2023

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The UAE has long since carved its name among the technological hubs of the world. It has always been a global leader when it comes to embracing technological advancements and innovation. Last year alone, the UAE has claimed the title for a third consecutive year of the country that has the highest Fibre to The Home (FTTH) penetration. This advancement in technology has allowed the country to bring futuristic, innovative technologies to its citizens, and has thus transformed it into a Digital Hub for innovation.

A recent study that was conducted by the Gulf Cooperation Council stated that the United Arab Emirates is among the Fastest Growing Consulting Markets in the world, cementing the fact that the IT sector of the UAE is amongst the best in the world and is growing at an astonishingly fast pace.

Etisalat has had a considerable hand in this positive growth rate. By investing heavily in infrastructure and remodeling the existing framework to build the most advanced network of the area. Thus, sustaining its consistent performance and promoting an increase in business setup in Dubai.

Dubai, without a doubt, is one of the most excellent places for business owners and entrepreneurs as it has rightfully carved its name as the business and logistics hub of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Moreover, the strategic location of the Emirate, state of the art infrastructure, no taxation on corporate income, makes Dubai a lucrative place for setting up a business for any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to try their hand in making their dreams come true.

Every business nowadays needs a stable, secure, and robust IT network for it to prosper and grow in this technologically driven era. The UAE is ahead of its competitors with its powerful and reliable 5G technology that has made its digital landscape even more durable, making it infinitely simpler to bring in modern, innovative technologies to all the sectors of the business world.

Reasons for the growth of the IT sector

As stated earlier, the UAE is the digital hub or innovation, because of which its Information Technology sector has considerable scope for development and thus provides a fertile ground for business setup in Dubai for IT consultants and professionals.

The reasons are listed below:

1. The surge in the population of the country

Due to its agreeable conditions, world-class transport system, a top-notch healthcare system, and extensive fiber network coverage throughout the country has attracted the attention of millions of people who are coming in all from all corners of the globe who have chosen it as their new residence.These foreigners have invested in its various industries by setting up a business here as well, which has boosted its economy.

Because of this influx of people, the population of the country is on the rise and consequently, the need for services of IT consultants are also on the rise. The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, is deemed one of the most reliable places to set up a business, there is huge scope for the growth of IT consultants in this country.

2. Increase in disposable income

As Dubai is cementing its place in the globe as one of the financial centers because of which the people working here enjoy a better salary than their counterparts working in similar designations in other countries.Subsequently, this has resulted in a rise of foreign investors and business owners starting a business in Dubai.

While establishing a business in the UAE, entrepreneurs realize the importance of the IT sector. As it is not feasible for a business in today’s digital landscape to sustain itself without a flourishing and competent IT department. They will have to consult with expert IT consultants who will assist in setting a strong foundation for the IT department in an organization.

3. The strategic location of the country

The geo-strategic location of Dubai puts it a fantastic advantage as it is the only Emirate in the UAE that has access to markets of three different continents. And it is the only city of the UAE that has access to world-class airports and seaports. Dubai is well-connected with the countries situated in the Persian Gulf, making it feasible for entrepreneurs to transport their merchandise to these countries.

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4. Free zones in the country

Seeing the demand of the business setups in Dubai, the Government of the United Arab Emirates has formed many free zones in Dubai, as well as the rest of the country. A free zone is essentially a geographical location that has been designated as an economic zone. This commercial zone has a particular set of rules according to which the companies operating have to adhere to it strictly. In addition to that, these zones also do not require the condition of having a local sponsor as a partner for your business. There are such dedicated free zones that cater specially to the IT and associated sectors.

5. Global dependence on technology in on the rise

In today’s world, where embracing advancements of the IT sector is significant and indispensable if a country wants to prosper in this technologically driven era. It is practically impossible to think of starting a business without assistance from the Information Technology sector. The world is slowly tilting towards such technological advancements such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. The IT sector plays a large part in shaping these sectors and making them accessible and convenient for the people. The IT consultants will help the entrepreneurs in utilizing these technologies – like Big Data and Analytics– so that their businesses can grow and become more profitable.

6. Rise of e-Commerce

The most significant impact these technological advancements have been in the retail sector. This sector has been completely transformed, and instead of the traditional brick and mortar retail shops, the consumers now prefer to browse and make purchases through the varieties showcased in an e-commerce retail store. The maintenance and smooth operations of the e-commerce website will require the services of several competent IT professionals who will occasionally need the help of an expert IT consultant.You will need an e-commerce license to start your business in this sector.

The principal role of an IT consultant is to further improve the business activities by integrating such techniques of the information technology that will enhance the performance of the company—and will demonstrate how IT can assist in building a more profitable business. Therefore, a business needs to consult with an IT expert as they will give the entrepreneur adequate advice regarding what sort of hardware and infrastructure would be most effective for them. Also, they can guide you on various other such aspects, which will affect the business’s profitability considerably, creating an outstanding opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs who are considering company formation in Dubai.

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