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October 5, 2023

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From last many years Dubai has become one of the key areas for foreign investor to invest in Dubai and investors all around the world are using this platform to expand there business. With its advanced infrastructure backed by government support, benefits of tax free zones and an ease of setting up a new business, the city of Dubai has become an ideal place for entrepreneurs around the world.

Company formation in Dubai or Business setup in Dubai is not as difficult as compare to other countries who offer such investment opportunities because government has created those policies and requirements which offer most liberal and attractive operating conditions.

However, there are few elements which investors have to consider when they want to start their operations in this region and those are:

  • Type of Business License
  • Legal Structure of the company
  • Location to start operations
  • Company name and share capital
  • Finding sponsors
  • Office arrangements
  • Work force arrangements

For further details about these elements you can read our informational article “Things to consider while setting up business in Dubai”.

As government of Dubai wants to make business setup procedure as simple as possible but still investors need to have a proper knowledge and understandings of the procedural requirements of business registration and it can be difficult for one individual to understand all legal procedure, paper work requirements and obligations. This procedure can cost time and money to businesses if they do not do it in proper way. That’s why it is always recommended to take the help of the experts who are aware of the process and requirements and they have the experience of setting up different businesses.

Why KWS Middle East for your Business Setup Requirements?

There are many consultants in Dubai who claims to be best but with KWS Middle East you are hiring one of the best business support service in affordable price because:

  • We at KWSME have the experience of more than a decade in this field.
    We have the team of experts who have the experience of setting up businesses that belongs to different industries. Each business has its own requirements and our experts handles there requirements in more professional manner.
  • KWSME is not just a business it’s a reputation in this field that is more towards work commitment and efficient solution.
  • We have an award winning customer support service with 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • We at KWSME just don’t fulfill business setup requirements, we first understand the requirements of the investors because we believe in one thing; if we cannot understand the requirements of the businesses we cannot provide proper solutions to them.
  • We always provide customized solutions and support according to the need of the businesses.
  • Our solutions are very efficient and cost effective as compare to others.
  • Business Setup requires a wide range of documentation and legal procedure thus we are qualified enough to fulfill these requirements, you do not need to visit different government departments. Also you do not need to worry about the documentations of the business setup as we are here to overcome all your worries.
  • At KWSME we are not only providing business setup consultancy but you can also find other business related services under one roof:

-We can arrange furnished offices for businesses which are affordable and available at the prime location of Dubai with modern infrastructure.
-While registering your products in Dubai you need to fulfill consumer safety requirements, we can guide you with those requirements and can register your products in Dubai.
-Businesses need bank accounts in those regions where they operate and in Dubai the procedure of opening a bank account varies bank to bank. We at KWS Middle East can look after your bank account requirements.
-If businesses are involved in any kind of trading activity they need a commercial license from the government of Dubai. We can arrange all the required documentations and fulfill the procedure which is required to attain commercial license.
-We can get the obligatory approvals and authorizations and trademarks licenses.
-If businesses want to operate in Mainland of Dubai they need a local sponsorship. We can arrange sponsors for businesses. Read more details about “Types of Local Sponsors Required for Businesses in UAE”.

  • KWSME will always recommend those business locations and zones to investors which are suitable and more beneficial for their working conditions.

Above than all the benefits which are described above we at KWSME provide free consultancy to businesses to discuss their requirements. So we will recommend discussing your requirements with one of our expert and get free consultation.

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Setup a business in UAE

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