Top Opportunities for Japanese Investment in Dubai, UAE

Top Opportunities for Japanese Investment in Dubai, UAE
June 28, 2024

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Dubai is home to around 3,500 Japanese expatriates and 300 Japanese businesses. It makes Dubai the largest Japanese community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Japanese investment in Dubai enables these companies to operate in various industries, reflecting UAE’s economic importance to Japan in 2024.

Since the UAE’s foundation, Dubai is facilitating the entry of international businesses into the market. Dubai as a trading hub is attracting world-class companies and is embracing diverse foreign labor forces. The prospective of good returns for Japanese investors in Dubai is pretty high paying for Japanese residents in the UAE.

Registration Process of a Japanese Company in Dubai

The straightforward company registration procedure of Dubai is a major attraction for Japanese entrepreneurs. Knowledge of it is necessary for easily moving a Japanese business to Dubai. This step-by-step process makes Dubai perfect for Japanese nationals seeking to establish a business in the region.

  • Before establishing a company in the UAE, choose a business activity from over 2,000 permitted by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This includes various sectors and sub-sectors. It’s crucial to detail every activity you wish to carry out, as multiple activities can be listed under one license depending on the type of license applied for. A company setup firm can help you find the right fit by sifting through the thousands of activities and suggesting the best option for your organization.
  • The second step is to decide whether to establish the business in the Dubai mainland or one of the emirate’s free zones. This decision is straightforward and can be made through a simple process.
  • Dubai’s unique naming conventions make it essential to adhere to strict rules when starting a business. The name should not contain offensive language or references to Islam. If you want to include your name, use it in full, not just your surname or initials. Ensure the name is available for registration and seek help from a company formation expert for suggestions and free registration.
  • Dubai business registration involves choosing business nature and trading name, submitting application and documentation to free zone or mainland setup, depending on size, nature, and nationality. Consulting with an expert can aid in the application process.
  • Secure your business license and apply for various visas, including personal and employee visas for staff and dependents. The number depends on business size and location. Dependent visas are straightforward if eligibility criteria are met.
  • Navigating the UAE’s diverse bank accounts can be challenging, especially for foreign nationals. Consulting with experts can help choose the right bank and arrange meetings with financial institutions.

Necessary Documents for Business License in Dubai for Japanese expats

Japanese nationals need to present these documents to get a license in Dubai. Negligence in the submission of obligatory paperwork results in the application rejection. Japanese expats must file these documents to save themselves from the license denial.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • NOC from DED or free zone authority
  • Memorandum of Asscociation (MoA)
  • Articles of Asscociation (AoA) detailing company structure
  • Partnership Agreement (if necessary)
  • Property Title
  • Lease and EJARI Agreement for an office

Rewarding business sectors for Japanese investors in Dubai

Here are some lucrative ideas for Japanese investors seeking to start business in Dubai.

  • Tech and Blockchain
  • Medical Tourism
  • Restaurants and Food Cafes
  • Healthcare

Tech and Blockchain

Technology in business transactions allows companies to offer easily accessible financial services. For example, digital banking, payments, transactions, online advice, and financial security systems, etc. The company can also enter the Blockchain market, as part of the Emirate’s vision, and make significant profits by adhering to regulations and gaining government support.

Medical Tourism

Dubai as a world leader in medical treatments, attracts people from various countries to take advantage of its technology, facilities, and innovation. It offers services such as high-quality medical treatments, plastic surgery, dental treatments, fertility treatments, and orthopedics. The scope in the healthcare services sector is persuading Japanese medical firms for business establishment in Dubai and the UAE.

Restaurants and Food Cafes

Food businesses like restaurants and cafes are popular options in cities, with restaurants specializing in food from other parts of the world being highly sought after by tourists. Small cafes in town can offer unique products and foods to stand out from the rest.


Japan’s population is expected to reach 35 million by 2025, with a quarter of the population aged 65 and older. Japan and the UAE are promoting cooperation in the medical sector, with the UAE’s Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT) signing an agreement with Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ) to promote advanced studies.

Both countries have committed to establishing an Endoscope Research and Development Centre and a training center. Japan is also preparing to provide exclusive service desks for UAE patients in its advanced medical institutions. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently received a delegation from Fujita Health University Hospital, emphasizing the importance of exchanging best practices in medicine.

Benefits of Japanese business relocation to Dubai

The stable political system, excellent safety standards, and top-notch infrastructure of Dubai saves costs for Japanese firms. Electricity, water, telecom networks, healthcare, and education services are readily available, while special economic zones offer tax breaks and fewer regulatory hurdles. Other advantages for Japanese business in Dubai include the following.

  • New Revenue Streams
  • Collaborative Work Environment
  • Vibrant Cultural Exchange

Sneak peek into the Osaka Expo 2025

Japan’s 2025 Osaka Expo is to build on the success of the Dubai Expo 2020, by focusing on several things. For instance, global problem-solving, boosting Japanese exports and UAE tourism, and fostering sustainable and smart city projects for decades. The 2025 Osaka Expo is set to cover three sub-themes: Saving Lives, Empowering Lives, and Connecting Lives.

These themes aim to improve global quality of life, encourage collaboration, and foster innovation. Japan’s 2025 Osaka Expo will shed light on innovations in healthcare, nutrition, sustainable living, education, employment, and digital connectivity. This exhibition will bring Japanese and Emirati businesses and people more close.


Dubai’s stable policies and cultural compatibility with Japan have made it a profitable investment destination for Japanese corporations. The emirate offers a conducive environment for business growth through its stable governance structure, world-class infrastructure, tolerant multicultural society, and strategic trade hub location. This combination minimizes risks and costs for Japanese corporations operating in Dubai.

Japan and UAE are fostering increased bilateral technical cooperation, opening new high-potential markets in AI, space technology, and renewable energy. As economic ties strengthen, Japanese companies are expected to leverage Dubai’s favorable conditions to maximize profits and global competitiveness.

Business consultancy firms can help business owners in growing Japanese investment in Dubai. Kus WS Middle East is right here to assist Japanese entrepreneurs in relocating their companies to Dubai. Join hands with us to get set go in an easy manner right now.

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