Is your Business Setup Consultants helping you beat the competition?

October 6, 2023

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If you have ever launched a company before, you will be thoroughly aware of the fine points: registering your company; opening a bank account; setting up your IT; building your brand; filing paperwork and obtaining authorizations.

For starting a business in the UAE, it can be rewarding to have business setup consultants to do these tasks for you while you concentrate on building your business.

However, a business setup consultancy’s support should not end there.

If you want to stay ahead of the pack, then you need a specialist who can guide you every step of the way.

Making your brand stand out:

The logo of your brand is vital. As its design is the first thing, everyone will see. So, to create a favorable first impression, it is important to hire a graphic artist that knows what branding is and recognizes its significance.

Moreover, the artist has a deep understanding of your business.

Finding good graphic designers that understand all of your needs takes some time, especially if you are setting up in foreign land.

It can take a certain amount of trial and error to find the perfect fit for your company.

Experienced Brand Design Advice by KWS Middle East:

At KWS Middle East, we know how challenging it is for startups to find graphic artists to whom you can trust with the all-important task of brand design. On which your brand’s entire image is dependent.

Therefore, KWS Middle East provides expert brand design advice to new business owner setting up in the UAE. Besides that, we have several renowned designers, just a phone call away that will happily provide their services to newbie entrepreneurs.

The benefit for business owners starting a business in the UAE is that they don’t have to waste their precious time exploring artists; nor have to brief them about the intricacies and nature of their business.

Building fast & secure IT connections:

Notwithstanding how much of a computer geek you are, setting up a website and email can be tedious and tricky. And this is all before you start seriously thinking about cyber-security, back-ups across multiple devices and servers.

These days IT is essential for all businesses and maintaining an interrupted service is as integral as is the initial setup.

Business setup Consultants can take away the burden of managing your IT and can save your precious time.

Furthermore, they can relieve you of the added stress so that your entire focus will remain on making an impression in the new market.

Technical Support Advice From KWS Middle East:

KWS Middle East draws on its previous experience of working with new business setups in the UAE can pinpoint the IT hurdles new businesses meet.

We will work with your IT team and provide them with expert advice and consultation on various facets such as, web hosting that is most suitable to your website needs, including email mailboxes.

We will also hook you up with best experts that will help you organize your internal IT and will ensure that it is adequately secured and backed up.

Thus, ensuring your peace of mind.

Manoeuvring and Tackling Bureaucracy:

The biggest hurdle an entrepreneur’s faces while setting up a business in a new country is ‘government administration’.

Although the UAE is deemed one of the more accessible countries of the world in which to set up a business, it still requires some paperwork and red tape to go through.

Familiarity with the local governing environment and having contacts within the government offices proves beneficial to businesses during registration, applying for visas or driving licenses and buying real estate. The list goes on.

KWS Middle East: Your Guide in Navigating Bureaucracy:

Navigating through the bureaucratic red tape can scare away anyone setting up a new business in the UAE But with KWS Middle East behind you, you do not need to worry about any of it.

Our services include compiling the paperwork needed for starting and staffing a business setup in the UAE. With our contacts within the bureaucratic community, we can speedily obtain authorizations and permits . By providing local sponsors in the UAE, we can expedite the process considerably.

We will keep you informed of the progress and notify you in case of any actions that require your input.

Putting the Focus on You:

With the setup industry booming in the UAE, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing Dubai as their favoured location.

The business owners prefer virtual startup. These new businesses often forget about the regular channels of communication, i.e. telephone and letters.

However, having traditional modes of communication are significant in establishing the validity of the business in the UAE.

If you don’t have physical premises of your own, it will be beneficial for you to have a PO box service that can receive your mail round the clock and a telephone answering system that will handle your calls and thus, keep the leads warm.

AlsoWhy You Should Hire a Business Setup Consultants?

KWS Middle East, Ensuring your Professional Presence:

KWS Middle East ensures that your new business makes a name for itself and fulfils its full potential. By finding a reliable telephone service provider, we make sure there is always someone handling your calls and taking messages.

Similarly, we will contact agencies on your behalf that provide PO boxes, and someone is always present to receive the mail, sift through it and inform you about its arrival.

So, that you can focus on building your business.

Keeping Your Accounts in Order:

Keeping your accounts in absolute order is vital for running a successful business.

By diligent accounting, you won’t fall prey to local financial regulatory authorities.

KWS Middle East Providing a Helping Hand in Balancing the Books:

KWS Middle East provides top-notch accounting service in the UAE that saves you the trouble of finding one yourself.

Our services include Bookkeeping, Tax advisory, as well as other consulting services.

Hence you can use our accounting services to help you in keeping your books in order or can consult our financial experts to give their expert advice on financial matters.

A Lasting Advantage:

By providing business setup services at a price that can easily be modified according to every client’s individual business needs, we assist our clients in staying head and shoulders above the rest from the moment they launch their company in the UAE.

We don’t abandon them after the launch but continue offering them our expert guidance so that they maintain their successful trajectory and stay ahead of the competition.

Business setup in Dubai has never been easier. KWS Middle East handles all the nitty-gritty of the process so that you can focus on what truly matters — creating your business.

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