How to obtain tax domicile certificate in UAE

October 12, 2023

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Tax Domicile Certificate

Tax Domicile Certificate or Tax Residency Certificate UAE is an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance in UAE to eligible government entities, companies and individuals residing in the state 183 days at least, in order for them to take benefit of agreement of double taxation avoidance on income, signed by the UAE with over 76 countries in the world.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

UAE’s Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) or DTAA is a bi-lateral agreement that preserves and supports the interests of foreign investors and companies coming from other taxable jurisdictions, and investing in UAE. Any foreign company or individual, who is already paying taxes abroad for the profits earned in his/her business, can alleviate any possible tax burden in the UAE as a result of this agreement. UAE offers 100% tax free investment climate, and the government does not impose any taxes through DTT on the business owners planning for business setup in UAE.

DTT is not limited to just companies but individuals who are fiscal resident in UAE for more than 180 days can provide the documents required by the Ministry of Finance and are eligible to avail the benefits of the treaty.

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Eligibility for Tax Domicile Certificate in UAE

There are certain criteria to obtain tax domicile certificate in UAE

Who is eligible?

  • A company operating in UAE mainland
  • Free zone company
  • An individual investor/business owner
  • An employed individual

Who is not eligible?

  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Offshore company
  • A non-employed individual (with spouse visa)

Required Documents for Tax Domicile Certificate
For Companies

  • Valid trade license copy
  • Certified lease contract or tenancy contract
  • Copy of the passport and residence visa of the authorized signatory (Manager/Director/Owner)
  • Copy of Emirates ID for the authorized signatory (Manager/Director/Owner)
  • Certified bank statement of an AED account for the last 6 months during the required year
  • Audited financial statement

For Individuals

  • Passport and visa copy
  • Valid Residence Copy
  • Certifies bank statement for the last 6 months during the required year
  • Certified tenancy contract with Ejari (RERA) attestation/title deed
  • Source of Income/Salary certificate
  • Immigration report of residency (Entry and Exit report)

The validity of tax domicile certificate is 1 year for corporate entity and individual.

Steps to Obtain Tax Domicile certificate

  • Create a new account on Ministry of Finance UAE (MoF) website and apply through MOF website
  • Department will review the submitted documents
  • Payment of certificate’s fees
  • The customer will receive the certificate through email once the payment operation finished

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