How beauty & cosmetic industries are setting trends in Dubai

How beauty & cosmetic industries are setting trends in Dubai?
November 20, 2023

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Doing business in beauty & cosmetic industries in MEA region presents a multi-billion dollar opportunity. Either, you can make it big by launching your own your own cosmetics and personal care products in the UAE. Or you can sell beauty products of local and international brands during 2024.

Middle East is one of the world’s fastest growing beauty markets. Especially, people in the UAE want to look cute and handsome. UAE’s beauty & personal care market stands at US$1,242 million in 2023 as per Statista.

Now is the time to setup a business in Dubai to venture into the thriving beauty & personal grooming sector.

Why is beauty & wellness sector booming in UAE?

Here are the reasons beauty & cosmetic industries are growing in the UAE through 2024.

  • Cosmetics have become a daily need
  • Social/digital media is popularizing beauty trends
  • Young population is fueling demand

Now, we take look on these motives behind the success of beauty & cosmetic industries.

Cosmetics have become a daily need

Beauty industry is recession proof in the UAE. Yes, people pinch their money on other high end products. However, they still spend on skin care & hair care products.

Social/digital media is popularizing beauty trends

The impact of social media on beauty industry is not just in UAE, but everywhere around the world. People get knowledge and watch tutorials about all beauty products via Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Thus, they are becoming more sophisticated and diverse in terms of product usage and artistry technique.

It is why multinational beauty brands rely on digital influencers for promotion of their new products. Because people believe more when a real person talks about a product. Nevertheless, beauty bloggers are also playing their part in educating people about their body grooming needs.

Young population is fueling demand

United Arab Emirates have a predominantly young population with high disposable income. Strong social pressure to look good makes them to take care of themselves with beauty and spa sessions whenever possible. So, the consumers in the UAE do not compromise on beauty and wellness products.

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Key trends in the beauty sector

These are the trends in the beauty and cosmetic sector.

  • Demand for natural and organic products
  • Personalized products and services
  • Men’s grooming (men’s product lines, salons and barber shops)
  • Growing market for halal beauty and skin care products
  • Spa market
  • Cosmetic surgery
    • Microblading (eye brow framing technique)
    • Laser treatment for face and body
    • Usage of minimal invasive advanced techniques that requires no cuts and leaves no scars such as facelifts and liposuction
    • Botox and fillers
    • Injectable based fat dissolving around face and neck
    • Combination injectable based contouring

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Dubai Beauty aBazaar for charming customers

The UAE has become a beauty hub not only for Middle East region but also on a global scale. Beauty World Middle East is the largest international trade fair for beauty products that take place in Dubai. More than 1500 exhibitors (retailers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and exporters) showcased their new products on the 2023 edition.

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Just in case, you want to enter the beauty & cosmetic industry in the UAE. Establishing your business and cosmetics product registration in Dubai is the way to go. Consequently, you can tap into the booming personal care market of the Gulf region.

If you want to operate in the UAE, then mainland company incorporation is necessary. A free zone company is ideal for trading of beauty items in other countries. Get in touch with KWS Middle East to get complete business consulting services for this purpose.

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