People who want to start a business in the UAE, have to get a license. Similarly, active companies have to renew business license in Dubai. So that they can keep serving the users in a better way during 2024.

After registering a company in Dubai, you have to renew your business license every year. Don’t worry, as the authorities in the UAE provide ease for renewal of existing business licenses. Also, you can get your business licenses renewal through business service providers, law firms, and service agents, etc.

Types of the business licenses

What are types of the business licenses?

Business activities come under the following categories of the licenses.

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Acquiring trade license in Dubai

How to acquire trade license in Dubai?

Follow these steps to obtain a trade license to use the business opportunities in Dubai.

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Filing legal documents for company license

Which legal documents you need to submit for company license?

Businessmen need to submit their company documents to the DED to get a trade license. Then, the entrepreneurs must apply for membership of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). To acquire Trade License/Commercial Registration Certificate, applicants must submit these original documents at DED’s Commercial Registry section or online.

After the submission of documents, the Commercial Registry decides whether or not the documents are valid. Thus, it checks the documents are in proper order, sans legal or other discrepancies. Upon the approval of the trade license application, the name of the company formally enters into the Commercial Register.

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Never let Dubai business license expire

Why should not your Dubai business license expire?

Congratulations, if you have set up your business in Dubai already. You are navigating the thriving market of the UAE, and are ready for global growth. Naturally, you do not want to lose it, so you must not let your Dubai business license expire.

After all, it requires a ton of legal work to register your business from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Also, you have to complete documentation with the authority of the free zone, you choose as base of your operations. The same is the case with business formation in mainland Dubai.

Therefore, the time spent on the company incorporation process is too precious to neglect. At last, it may seem like you can at last just focus on your business. However, tread carefully in the murky waters doing business in Dubai.

Never, let your Dubai business license expire. This one carelessness can ruin all your hard work. Because, your business license expiry can result in critical problems for your company.

Here are four key points outlining the need for you to renew business license in Dubai.

Now, we briefly look upon these pointers that necessitate the need to renew business license in Dubai.

License expiry can get a company fined

You read it right. In case, you continue operating a company that has an expired business license. Then, you incur heavy fines for your transgressions.

The DED and other regulatory authorities of the UAE demand business license renewal well before their expiration date. Else, they severely penalize your company with monetary fines. Approximately, they charge you 200 AED for every month the fine remains outstanding.

However, it does not end there as per the Dubai’s laws. A business found working despite license expiry is liable for fines up to five thousand Dirhams (AED 5,000). Further, the authorities add AED 250 if the company continuously fails to renew their expired license.

They have to renew and re-submit the subsequent documentation within the time-frame. Similarly, a deviating office established without any prior permission that overlaps an existing business license can cause the business owner a fine of AED 2,000. Plus, it can lead to further financial penalties.

Spending a part of your profits on your business license renewal is way better. In comparison, think about the invasive inquiries from the regulatory authorities about your company license expiry. How did your company land in such a stage that led to the imposition of fines?

Especially, these inquiries are problematic if you are running a joint venture or have to report to shareholders. Since, having your business trade license expire, will place your organization in the line of unnecessary financial risk. They will most certainly make you look careless, unreliable and unprofessional.

Company with expired license can be blacklisted

In the event, your company continues operations despite business license expiry. The regulatory authorities can blacklist your company. Blacklisting of a company means placement of severe restrictions of on all kinds of business operations like the following.

You don’t have to panic just yet, as there is some good news. UAE’s government allows a grace period to all its business owners, so they can get their ducks in a row. During this grace period, you can renew your business license and registration.

Nevertheless, if you still fail to comply with the requirements — you will end up on the blacklist. Then, you will find yourself in a tough situation. Continuing your business after blacklisting is no walk in the park.

You will face dire punishments like blocking of day-to-day business tasks partially or entirely. It means that it is better that you stay on top of your legal duties in the UAE. You can avail legal advisory services to avoid any consequences.

Your business growth will be halted

Many companies organize their business operations at the beginning. However, chances are they start to miss important things in a year or two as their workload starts to increase. This is the exact reason in our experience that plays a big role in the downfall of SMEs and startups.

Small businesses are more susceptible to license renewal problems, as they require annual renewals. The requirement of annual renewals make it necessary for novice entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date. Therefore, if you are a little late in renewing of your business license, the authorities will suspend your business activities.

So, your company can not expand its operations in the future. For small businesses in the first few years of operation, even a trivial inconvenience throws a wrench in the works. Thus, it stops you from achieving the success and recognition that you deserve.

Besides, business licence expiry can also cause bankruptcy. It may make your company vulnerable to either voluntary or forceful liquidation. Because, all these disasters can halt your business growth, so you must avoid these at all costs.

Expired license can ruin your company

Everyone understands how hard it is to start a business, get it off the ground, and make it successful. It takes a lot of hard work, complete determination, along with significant capital investment. Why put everything on the line by letting your business license expire?

Keep in mind that business license expiry can ruin your company. To prevent this, take some measures like mark the expiry date on your business calendar. Set a reminder to get the renewal before the deadline.

Entrust this duty to someone more responsible within your organization. Or you can even hire an external company who can do the job for you. Whichever way you choose, ensure it works so that your business does not end up inevitable suffering because of it.

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Renewal of business license in Dubai

How to get your business license renewal in Dubai?

These are the steps you need to follow to renew business license in Dubai to reactivate it from expiry state.

Next, we take a look on this step-by-step process of the license renewal.

Have a valid tenancy contract

Ensure that your company has a tenancy contract that is valid for at least a month or more. Also, it must be verified and attested by Ejari. If the tenancy contract does not have the validity of 1 month, you cannot apply for renewal of the license.

Get ready the necessary documents

This is the list of compulsory documents for business license renewal.

Apply for the renewal of license

Prepare an application for renewal of the license of your active business setup in Dubai. Then, submit this application along with all necessary documents to the DED. Accordingly, you can apply for renewal through e-services, mobile application, service centers, and law firms.

Make the payment

DED allots you a payment voucher after the application. Once, you receive the voucher, proceed with the payment. Subsequently, you will immediately receive your renewed business license after you make the payment.

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By now you are aware of the process to renew business license in Dubai. In case, you have a doubt about anything, you can take guidance from the business consultants. Whether, you are up for a company setup or want a license renewal, they will fully assist you.

Setting up your own business in the UAE is easy right now than it was ever before. Business advisors can take care of all of your licensing needs, whether a new license approval, or license renewal. So that you can focus on what really matters — growing and nurturing your business.

KWS Middle East is here to help you with all kinds of processes. Consequently, we support your efforts to take advantage of the business opportunities in Dubai. Furthermore, you can contact us for services like product registration, corporate bank account opening, and tax advisory across the UAE.

The UAE is significantly changing the business world by emerging as the new business centre in all domains. Dubai is the city of gold, and any business idea it touches, whether ludicrous, it turns to gold. So, the rising people interest in body grooming is enticing companies to start a spa business in Dubai during 2024.

Dubai is one of the most prolific beauty markets not only in the Middle East, but also throughout the world. UAE is spending a whopping $1.6 billion on beauty products alone. Accordingly, it is providing business owners and investors with the golden opportunity of investing in the world of beauty.

One of the quickest ways of entering this market is to open a spa or a beauty salon. A spa is a place of pleasure and decompression that attracts the weary office workers and tired homemakers. Also, it attracts tourists that need a break from intense activities.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Dubai, then now is the time to set up a spa. The following guidelines will direct you in the attainment of the spa license. Subsequently, it will provide your business legal authority while conducting business in Dubai.

Things to consider before establishing a Spa business

What you need to consider while starting a spa business?

These are some things to keep in mind before you start a spa business in the UAE.

Now, we have a look on these points that need deliberation for a spa opening in Dubai.

Selection of location

Dubai is genuinely a metropolis where people from all walks of life enjoy and maintain a sophisticated lifestyle. This choice of lifestyle demands a proper and clean appearance that necessitates trips to saloons. So, to unwind the untidiness, people flock by the dozens towards the Spas.

To gain maximum profit from your spa business, carefully choose your location. Starting a spa in the Dubai mainland is ideal for attracting customers all year round. Whereas, the free zones of Dubai are tax-free but customers are seasonal.

Classification of spa

You must define the kind of spa you wish to open. Will this spa exclusively serve the females or will you allow males for grooming also? Or the spa will provide additional services such as hair styling and primping or makeup application.

Type of business structure

Choose the kind of business structure that will govern the business operations. Will it be a sole proprietorship or a partnership? This information is vital for the scope of the spa business.

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Process to obtain a Spa business license in Dubai

Do you know requirements to acquire Spa license in Dubai?

The following are the rules to follow to successfully start a spa business in Dubai.

Submission of necessary documents for a Spa license

Which documents to submit to get a Spa license in Dubai?

Submit the compulsory documents to begin the spa registration process. Make sure the paperwork is in order and is up to date on the day of submission. Where attestation is obligatory, do so to get your spa running without any hassle.

Collection of the Spa license after approval

Are you good to open Spa in Dubai after license approval?

In case, your application for spa formation with legal documents successfully pass through the processing and verification stage. Then, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will issue the spa license. After the collection of the license, you can immediately commence spa operations in Dubai.


The process of getting a Spa license in Dubai involves dozen or so approvals from various authoritative bodies. So, the suitable approach is hiring an qualified business setup consultant. With their immense experience, they can do the task handed to them with precision and agility.

Just choose KWS Middle East for a smooth and stress-free entrance into the Dubai business arena. We guide you from documentation to approval of your license, while you focus on building your spa business. Connect with us today for a free consultation call with our team.

Dubai’s infrastructure is highly suitable for entrepreneurs to start up their businesses in the Middle East. The government has imposed limited trade restrictions and clear policies in structuring a business whether mainland or free zone.  Investors worldwide get fascinated by Dubai for its highly profitable global market and Dubai’s best relations with all the countries. If you enter Dubai with limited capital, don’t worry about it, here you get multiple options and residents would happily invest in your business plan. Upon getting your business licensed, you can easily get a residency visa as well. That is how you can make a successful trading career in Dubai.  

Trade license in Dubai:

The government of Dubai is continuously taking measures to smooth the process of obtaining a business license. This responsibility is handed over to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai to conduct the registration of new businesses. They register your business by asking you to provide the set of documents supporting your business. It means you need to refer to the regularity authorities in the DED to obtain the trade license in Dubai.

Instant Trade License in Dubai:

To make the registration process even easier, DED has recently taken a new initiative of attaining the Dubai trade license fastest. This process is named Instant Trade License in Dubai. The main focus of this initiative is to invite foreign stakeholders and brands hence ending up in boosting the economy of the UAE. It offers business entities to obtain a professional or commercial trade license in no time. Instant trade licenses provide the following benefits:


 No requirement for a physical office.

 Trade name registration is not compulsory for the first year.

5 min process to obtain an instant trade license.   

 Above mentioned documents can be submitted during trade license renewal.

How to Get Instant Trade License in Dubai?

There are two ways to get an instant trade license in Dubai. The application for the trade license can be submitted by:

  1. Using an E-channel online portal.
  2. Visiting service center.

Above mentioned both procedures are extremely easy and quick. Before applying for the license, the following requirements and criteria must be fulfilled so the application Submission will be considered valid:

  1.  Company name
  2. Business activities
  3. Shareholders and owners
  4. Commercial registry

 Steps for instant Trade license:

Step 1: First of all, select your business Industry. Make sure that your business activities lie in the relevant category. Only then your projected business activities will be approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Step 2: Choose your company name. This step can be performed later in case of an instant license or to get a trading name quickly, our consultant company can suggest you the best suitable company names in Dubai. The name should also be under the DED guidelines.

Step 3: The last step is the submission of the application. This can be done either online via an e-channel portal or by visiting a service/facility center.

Documents Required for an Instant Trade License in Dubai:

One of the major benefits of attaining an instant license is the minimum documentation required to get the process done.

  1. Passport copies of company shareholders.
  2. A residence visa copy in case you are a resident.
  3. Complete application form

Applying remotely for an instant trade License requires:

 If you decided to apply through the online portal, you just need an Emirate ID to generate an online account and submit the asked information in the form of an application.

The instant trade license in Dubai costs very minimum charges as it does not include rental charges for office space. It should be clear in mind that the Instant License is presented for businesses conducting activities physically or remotely that do not require external approvals.

Isn’t it a speedy process? and license can be attained in less than 5minutes online, but if you are new to Dubai and unaware of the business rules and government policies, this can be challenging to go for a business start-up without any guidance, Here comes KWSME, we transform your risks into profits. Our specialists and advisory Consultants have years of experience with company formation in Dubai. They can help you obtain an instant trade license and start your business in Dubai without any setbacks.

The world’s economy is facing severe setbacks due to the challenging times the world is going through because of the outbreak of COVID-19 or CoronaVirus. Businesses, investments and the daily life of unsuspecting individuals continue to be greatly affected by it.

In these troubling times the Dubai Government ought to be lauded for their swift planning and introduction of such measures in the form of a billion dollar stimulus package that will safeguard the investment and interests of Dubai’s ailing business community and of the general public.

On 12th March, the Dubai Government under the directives from His Royal Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minster of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, presented a one point five billion (1.5 billion AED) economic stimulus package for the next three (3) months to support the business sector of the UAE. The impact of this economic stimulus package would be reviewed after the end of the proposed 3 month period.

Effective immediately the package aims to support and act on the following:

The Stimulus Package includes 15 initiatives that serve the trade, tourism, retail and energy sectors and aims to reduce the cost of business over the next 3 months.

Here is a quick look at the proposed initiatives:

Business Sector

Trade Sector (External only)

Commerce Sector (Local only)

Tourism Sector

Reduced Cost of Living

The announcement of these initiatives at such a tough time is sure to soothe the nerves of entrepreneurs and SMEs and provide much needed relief to the economy.

At KWS Middle East – Business Setup Consultant in Dubai, we offer unmatched consultancy. Our elite team of business setup consultants will take care of the Business incorporation process from start to finish.

Hire us to have a smooth and hassle-free business setup experience. We handle all your apprehensions so that you can direct your entire focus into one thing: Establishing your business.

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The UAE’s unremitting drive to become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world has been a vital contributor in its combat against the spread of COVID-19, according to industry experts.

Its willingness to embrace and experiment with new technologies has dramatically helped in protecting its residents from the adverse effects of this virus.

A techpreneur and the founder of CAFU Rashid Al Ghurair said that:

“Because the UAE is a technology pioneer, its residents find itself to be benefiting from it as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, that compels that people remain at a distance from each other and reduce daily interactions as much as possible. The ample usage of technology makes it infinitely more comfortable to do just that.”

In troubling times like these, Drone technology, in particular, is coming really handy. As it holds a vast potential for managing any crisis. Thanks to the vision of the UAE government, its residents are now able to reap the benefits. As at this moment in time, drones are applied not solely to monitor the progress of its residents for their safety but are also used to disinfect public spaces.

Monica Suk, senior communication manager at DJI, said that the company has been operating with several organizations to not only execute methods proven to be effective at addressing health and safety but further to examine new ways that may have potential.

She also said:

“In the UAE, we have already observed drones being used by local government entities for a variety of things, including sterilization of the streets of Dubai, or broadcasting and monitoring measures in Abu Dhabi. These methods are demonstrating to be essential in ensuring public safety.”

She further elaborated:

“We praise the joint efforts of the UAE’s government entities and the residents, who have faithfully united in their endeavors to tackle COVID-19. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies such as automated drones will proceed to be critical in ensuring that communication links, visibility, and safety of all are maintained.”

Asked if investing in drone technology will stimulate the need of the hour, Suk said: “It’s reasonable to assume that the UAE is a pretty forward-thinking nation, which adopts the most modern trends and innovations with open arms. From our knowledge as an organization, we understand first-hand how interested the UAE is to work with drones and leverage their potential.”

Rabih Bou Rashid, CEO of Falcon Eye Drones Services (FEDS), had a comparable train of thought and stated that drones have always been linked with providing safety and security. The industry was already a booming one, with many recognizing the benefits to both health and safety and its effects on the economy.

Call KWS Middle East incase of any inquiries and we will take care of your problem and will help you plan better according to the latest business landscape.Give your business a head start that will help it excel on all fronts

Do not hesitate to give us a call in case of any queries.

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Sixty or so years ago, no one would have imagined or guessed that Dubai will become the most futuristic city in the World and would be built from scratch. Yet this is precisely how the World is describing Dubai’s fantastic transformation into the land of dreams for which is known for today.

The city is home to one hundred and twenty “Fortune 500 ” Companies. The diverse business opportunities, Dubai’s tax benefits, lax and hassle-free government processes, Free zones and complete ownership of your company make it reasonably easy to start a business in Dubai.

The Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ) as the name entails is built to the South of the Dubai city and is near the Al Maktoum International Airport. The development of Dubai South is among the most fruitful initiatives taken by the Government of the UAE.

The Free Zone covers 140 kilometres of land, making it the largest Free Zone in Dubai and is situated close to Jebel Ali Sea Port. That gives DSFZ the utter advantage of performing numerous business activities such as logistics and aviation. Thus, placing Dubai squarely in the spotlight of the World stage.

Today, Dubai South Free Zone or Dubai World Central as it was previously known has taken its rightful place in the World. DWC is the World’s trade and aviation centre due to its closeness to Al Maktoum International Airport.

DWC is thriving, and its location in both a global and regional context gives it a considerable advantage over the rest of the Free zones. Subsequently making it an ideal place to start a company in Dubai and reap the benefits.

Types of Licenses in the Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ):

The various types of licenses available that need to be acquired before Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone is possible are listed below:

1. Commercial License:

This license is necessary for those business setups which are going to be involved in traditional trade. Any company that falls under the category of commercial business has to obtain a license to perform its business activities.

2. Industrial License:

This license is needed by companies wishing to go into manufacturing. The industrial license is perfect for those business owners that are going to start a factory in Dubai Free Zone.

3. Service License:

For the professionals who wish to provide their services to anyone who hires them, this license is for them. This license essentially is for the businesses that provide some kind of service.

4. Freelance License:

As the name suggests, this license is for anyone doing freelance work. To work as a freelancer, you just need to obtain a freelance license and nothing else.

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5. Education License:

Obtaining this license is a mandatory requirement for all education institutions.

The procedure of Obtaining a license in Dubai South Free Zone:

The particular method of getting a license in DSFZ is as follows:

Submission of Application with the Specific Legal Documents:

Before launching a business in Dubai South Free Zone, you need to submit a duly filled application form. The application then has to be sent to the Free Zone regulatory authority or can be submitted online. You will also have to provide the necessary documentation with the form.

Trade Name Selection and Reservation:

The selection of the name of your business entity is of significant importance as it is going to be the first thing anyone will see. Thus, utmost care should be taken when choosing a Trade name.
A good rule of thumb while naming your company is that is should have some association with your business activity. Moreover, it should, in any way, have any resemblance with other existing names.

Requisite Approvals:

In order to obtain a license, a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is a must for specific business activities that may require additional approvals from auxiliary authorities.

Business Registration:

Register your business setup in the online, government portal as soon as you get your approval documents. Along with the papers, you will also receive an invoice with fees that you need to pay to acquire a license in Dubai South Free Zone. Once the dues are cleared, your license is ready for collection. The license fees in Dubai Free Zone ranges from AED 3,000 to 7,000.

Essential Paperwork:

The relevant documents are:

Documents Required to Use the license in Dubai South Free Zone:

Additional documentation is required in case of Starting an LLC or opening a branch office in Dubai Free Zone specifically in DSFZ are:

For a Branch Office:

For an LLC:

Same as above apart from a board resolution from the board of directors of the company wishing to open an LLC in Dubai Free Zone, i.e. approval of establishing a company is required.

With all these formalities taken care of now, you are ready to launch your business in DSFZ.

In case of any queries, feel free to talk with us. At KWS Middle East, we give ultimate care to all our customers and provide top-notch services.

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One of the most popular free zones of Sharjah is Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ). The UAE government formally launched it in 1995. Since its establishment, it has made its mark as the fastest growing and the top choice for entrepreneurs for business setup in the UAE.

The Hamriyah Free Zone is 24 square kilometres in size and has a 14 metres deep port and has an inner harbour that is 7 metres deep.

The trade zone offers competitive incentives and unique business and investment opportunities to serious business owners and budding entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in a tax-free haven, with a hundred percent company ownership and repatriation of existing capital and profits.

HFZ, as stated earlier, possesses a 14-meter deep harbour which has immense potential for expansion and it has roughly 22 million square meters of industrial and commercial land.

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority aims to become the most organized, cost-effective and profitable free zone in Sharjah. It has pledged to lead the city into excellence by developing a wide array of projects that will promote investment opportunities. And it is a hub of highly-skilled human labour.

Hamriyah free zone is further subdivided into seven different zones. The new sub-zones are called Industrial Zone and Logistics Village. They have one forty-four plots of industrial land and will have two hundred twenty-four warehousing units. By employing this tactic, the administration expects a flurry of investors coming in to conduct a business setup in Hamriyah Free Zone.

The Seven Zones are named down below:

SMEs, branch offices, startups all can find a home in Hamriyah free zone as there are precise areas for every type of industry.

This kind of strategy has helped in the uplifting of the company formation in this free zone of Sharjah.

How to Start a Business in Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ)?

The whole procedure of business setup in Hamriyah is pretty straight forward. One of the reasons which make the UAE the most sought after location for business setup is due in part for this very reason—simplified registration.

The procedure to set up a business in free zone is as follows

1. Select an Appropriate Business Entity

Hamriyah free zone (HFZ) allots two types of corporate structures or entities for its investors.

They are as follows:

Free Zone Establishment: This is a sole proprietorship kind of situation, where a single shareholder is enough. Free zone establishments are limited liability companies.

Free Zone Company: This type of company has multiple shareholders.

2. Select a Business Activity and a License that fits your Business

The next step is to select the business activity to acquire a suitable license. The list of the licenses is listed below:

Commercial License

If you obtain a commercial license then you will be able to import- export, sell, distribute and store goods according to the terms specified in the license.

Industrial License:

With an industrial license you are allowed to import raw materials for manufacturing, processing and assembling of specified products. The finished commodities can be exported outside the UAE.

This License is exclusive to the Hamriyah Free Zone only. It allows its holder to carry out their business activities within the bounds of said free zone.

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3. Register a Trade Name for your Business Setup

After selecting an appropriate business activity, the next step is to register a trade name for your business.

To do that you will have to get the name approved by Sharjah’s Department of Economic Development.

Make sure that the name is not similar to any other established companies operating in the UAE. To avoid any confusion you can check the names of the registered companies online on the official website of the DED.

4. Get Initial Approval

Getting an initial approval is necessary in order to move ahead with the registration process from Sharjah’s Department of Economic Development.

Fill out an application form and submit the required documents to attain this approval.

5. The Required Documents

The list of the required documents is as under:

After submitting the documents with the registration application wait for a little while. Your application will be approved within 1-2 weeks. Once it is approved, you will get a Certificate of Incorporation and Business License.

Here, we are enumerating a few reasons on why you should start a business in Hamriyah Free zone, posthaste.

Need Help?

KWS Middle East is a platform that provides business setup services to budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business-owners. Our team will assist you through the entire set up process and will make sure that it is hassle-free.

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The investment opportunities in Dubai have not emerged as much as import, export, commodities, healthcare, e-commerce, or real estate. Hence, investors can capitalize on profits by establishing a media or production company.

Being one of the free zone areas in Dubai- Dubai Media Center is considered a global media hub across the globe. Dubai Media City has been designed for companies that are looking to create content or produce media-related services. It is one of the most popular destinations for international media companies and content creators. DMC is providing enormous business opportunities for media & entertainment entrepreneurs.

Media-related freelancers & business owners choose DMC as their first choice for media company since it is an ideal base, creative hub as well as license obtaining & fees & quite low & straightforward.

As a free zone, Dubai Media City company formation is also efficient because of free taxation, full foreign ownership & also connecting with international communities for collaboration opportunities. In this article, we are going to cover types of licenses in DMC & how to apply to obtain the license.

What is Dubai Media City Center?

Established in 2000, DMC free zone was inaugurated in 2001, which was initiated by the electronic, technology, commerce & media group. DMC is considered the capital of Arab media because of its strategic location, media-friendly environment & advanced development of the media industry.

DMC is now considered as a regional media hub for various types of famous media organizations & some of these companies that have set up their headquarters in DMC include- CNN, CNBC, Reuters, Sony, MBC, Showtime, Bertelsmann, Al Jazeera Media Network, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Dubai Film & TV Commission & many more. It is a home of more than 2000+ businesses like online media, publishing, advertising, news agencies, production & broadcasting channels.

Located in a key & prime location, DMC is a junction of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Also, it is only 20 minutes away from the Dubai international airport which is the world’s largest airport & a wide-ranging link for people around the world.

DMC is a part of the Technology Electronic Commerce and Media group (TECOM) & it is under Dubai holding. As a center of the media business, DMC promotes media talent & entrepreneurship in the whole region & it facilitates specifically media-based freelancers & independent media & production companies/professionals.

Dubai Media Center initiated a bunch of business facilities like other free zone companies in Dubai. Offshore company formation in DMC is very easy & straightforward as expats can find them as an individual entity with 100% foreign ownership. Up to 50 years, owners don’t have to bear any personal, income, or corporate taxes.

Apart from these, different types of government service like- company registration, license issue, visa & postal service could be done with a short span of time. Last but not the least, its business-friendly laws, legal framework, world-class famous infrastructure help to immerse & grow the business.

Business Activities in DMC

Dubai Media City is a media free-zone and a government-owned property that offers a wide range of incentives to attract international businesses to set up their offices there. This includes tax incentives and exemptions from federal income taxes on profits generated. Most of the DMC business activities fall in the media category. Activities permitted in DMC free zone includes:

Licensing in DMC

The Dubai Media City Free Zone’s legislation is operated by an independent entity called Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZ). This framework offers companies the benefits of international standards to conduct business activities in a premium environment. To start operating in Dubai Media City, you need an approved trade license or company license from the DTMFZ.

Dubai Media city license allows investors to operate in three different locations: Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City & Dubai Production City.

Before applying for any type of license, you should keep a clear knowledge about the types of companies you can operate in the DMC free Zone. There are three types of business entities you can form & operate:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company(FZ-LLC):

 It is the most common business entity you could find. It permits you more than one shareholder option which can act as an individual or corporate entity.

Branch Office For Overseas Company:

 Foreign investors can open a branch office of their parent company & register as a separate entity.

Freelancer Permit:

 Any individuals can convey their business activities in DMC.

Two types of license owners can obtain from the DTMFZ:

DMC Commercial License:

 Free zone companies, free zone limited liability companies & branch offices can obtain this commercial license. This license has one-year validation & can be renewed yearly.

Freelance License:

 This license enables any individual to work as a freelancer legally. Don’t require any education certificates, but he/she should have previous freelancing experience is mandatory. This freelance permit license is also known as a professional license also in DMC.

To apply for the suitable license type you need to follow the following steps:

You can also renew your license any time after one year & the renewal process is quite simple & highly cost-effective as well. For the renewal process, you need to show the audit report of your company, pay renewal fees & lastly submit a signed lease agreement. You can complete the entire renewal process through any agency, you don’t need to be physically present.

Wrap Up

Dubai Media City is a center for all types of media & broadcasting companies, the company formation process to obtain the license, apply for a visa & finally start the company is much easier than any location. Also, this Freezone provides multiple types of investment opportunities for freelancers & individual professionals as well.

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Endless oil reserves and riches, World-class infrastructure, the bright lights and the towering sky-scrapers, World-renowned 7-star hotels, the bustling business districts of Dubai and the vast deserts are a few things of the UAE that it is famous for across the World. However, the one thing that makes its competitors truly envious is its geostrategic location.

Not only is Dubai blessed with a location that gives it easy access to do business with both the established and the emerging markets of the World. But also with two-thirds of the World only an eight-hour flight away. Thus, making it the ideal focal point for business-owners, multinational companies and entrepreneurs for setting up -headquarters- business setup in Dubai to extend their trade and reach to all corners of the globe. This position is only strengthened by extensive air, land and sea links.

Naturally, this prime-positioning and infrastructure make Dubai, including the rest of the UAE a hot spot for import-export business. In the last two years alone, the import-export business in the UAE has almost tripled, in 2017, the UAE exported $308.5 billion worth of goods and the imports of that year exceeded $229.2 billion.

Thus, doing an import-export business in Dubai has become extremely popular, and with the ease provided by the government to entrepreneurs, setting up a business in Dubai has never been easier.

The Import-Export Business in UAE:

Dubai import entails bringing goods and products from around the globe into the UAE while adhering to legal terms of services and licensing of the country.

Whereas, Dubai export is the process of selling abroad the goods, products or services that are locally produced while sticking to the guidelines as mentioned earlier.

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Popular Products Permissible in Import-Export Business in Dubai:

The list of products allowed for import-export business in Dubai are as follows:

The Procedure of Import-Export License in Dubai:

In an effort to ease the steps involving setting up a business in Dubai, the UAE government has initiated an online declaration, clearance and registration system. This E-service is under the authority of Dubai Customs and is called the Misral 2. This initiative has increased the number of foreign investors seeking to invest in the UAE to profit from opportunities in export and import business in Dubai.

By using this online portal, business-owners and entrepreneurs can register their business online, while the required documentation must be handed over to the Dubai Customs officer by hand.

The Dubai Customs office does a thorough background check of the business owner as well ensures that the products intended for import-export do not fall under the prohibited or forbidden category.

To guarantee that the business activity is following the proper channel, all business owners who wish to start an import-export business should have a valid license.

In the case of import-export business, the license has to be secured separately, i.e. Export license for exporting goods and Import license for importing goods.

Therefore, you should choose your business activity wisely before applying for licenses.

Procedure for Export License:

If a business owner is interested in exporting regionally produced or manufactured goods to a country or among the various free zones spread across the UAE, then they must acquire an Export License.

A few things to follow while applying for an Export License:

  1. Required Documentation:
    The company must have an accredited Export Declaration Certificate from the licensing authority or the Instructions of the Declaration of Goods application (IDG).
  2. The company should have special permission from the regulatory authorities in case of exporting items that fall under the prohibited category.
  3. A sales invoice containing the description of goods, quantity and value of each piece is required from the company.

The Steps:

  1. Submit the documents mentioned above at the Customs Office.
  2. Payment for Declaration registration must be made at the Customs Office.
  3. The office provides customs Declaration Certificate.

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Procedure for Import License:

If a business owner is interested in importing various commodities inside the UAE from outside it, then they must have an import license to keep their business activity lawful.

Following are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Required Documentation:
    Import permit with special grants that allow the importer to import goods that fall under the prohibited category.
  2. An invoice that is describing the total quantity of products and value of the goods imported by the company.
  3. The Chamber of Commerce approves the certificate of Origin stating the source of the goods.
  4. A document detailing the weight, packaging and HS code of all the goods intended for import.

The Steps:

  1. The importer must provide the Bill of Landing.
  2. The shipping agent will give the delivery order three to four days before the arrival of the vessel. The cargo clearance must be completed beforehand.
  3. The Import Declaration form must be provided online with the payments cleared by the importer. After the confirmation of payment, the company will be given a Customs import Declaration Certificate.
  4. The Dubai Customs can check the required documents at any instance.
  5. After getting a green signal from the Customs Department, the company can hire a transport company for the delivery of goods.
  6. However, in case of getting flagged, the vessel may need to undergo an extra inspection by a designated authority and only after receiving clearance from them can it be handed over to the importer.

The import-export license application process can be a daunting and challenging task. And if you are looking to setup a Trading Company then having an import-export license is a must. The best course of action for most business owners is that they should hire a business setup consultant.

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