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Why does your Dubai Business need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?


Owning a company in Dubai and running said business are two different things. You may have huge capitals and a lengthy list of loyal customers, but if you can not manage your accounting and bookkeeping functions effectively, your company can not thrive. Bookkeeping is one of the essential responsibilities that a business needs to carry out with the utmost care. Hence, it is recommended to avail of skilled Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Dubai for your company.

Hiring, staffing, training, and lastly, providing infrastructure and equipment for an in-house accounting and bookkeeping department is not the only way to go. Outsourcing these services in Dubai from organizations with expertise, knowledge, and a basic idea about the rules and regulations to obey in the United Arab Emirates is a more reliable and safer option, plus it is suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting a business in Dubai.

Why Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

There are many advantages of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai; some of them are mentioned below in this blog. Continue reading to find out more.

Unbiased Financial Opinion

One of the limitations of having an in-house bookkeeper or accountant is that they may get emotionally entangled in your company’s daily tasks. Whereas, an outsourced service provider would give an unbiased and honest evaluation of your company’s financial position. They have no personal stake in the business and have no emotions attached to it. Therefore, they will not pat on your back to say everything is a-ok when it is very clearly not, which turns out to be the best outcome for your business as you will know where you stand.

Growth and Sustenance

Outsourcing offers a lot of idle time in your hands that you can utilize to concentrate on improving your efficiency, increase the company’s operations, maximize Return On Investment (ROI), and develop its core competencies.


Outsourcing your business setup in Dubai’s accounting and bookkeeping needs will help you reduce around thirty percent to fifty percent of your costs annually. You will save not just money but also your precious time. The time and money you would otherwise invest in hiring, training, managing, and evaluating employees. Instead, you can use this time and money to draw more clients, market your company correctly, and invest in active customer service for your business.

Avoids Conflict of Interest

It is risky to entrust one of your company partners to handle the company’s accounting department. A situation arising from wild and unfounded accusations and misconduct can possibly ruin your business and professional relations even if it is an involuntary mishap. Outsourcing the services from an external agency in accordance with all the partner’s compliance can become rewarding for your business.


No business big or small wants its confidential records be its financial details, or are some other types of documents to be leaked. An organization rendering service for your corporation through outsourcing promises your company’s financial data privacy and security. They take extra care and effort to guarantee this and equip you with the latest software and technology imaginable to make you up-to-date with the evolving technological advances.

No Overhead Payments required

Outsourcing is also advantageous because you pay only for the work you get from them. This means you do not have to spend on the overhead, vacation, training, payroll taxes, sick leaves, and other expenses that you would be expected to manage if you were to have an in-house accounting department handling all of these tasks. You can expect a notable increase in your profit margins as it will allow you to get more work done at any presented point of time.

No Sudden Loss of Employees

Running a business for a long time enables you to have witnessed a sudden loss of valuable employees. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford to have buffer staff or to hire immediately in such incidents. However, if you outsource these facilities, you don’t have to worry about these. Any experienced, dedicated, and qualified team would make sure they have a backup for any such incidents (if any).You can also rely on these services because a service provider firm would ensure the work is double and triple checked before handing down the client’s progress.

Better Service

Outsourcing firms typically have a very diversified background as they are working for a broad range of companies at any given point in time. You can expect distinct and in-depth knowledge of expertise working on your company’s accounting and bookkeeping capacities. Having the best Certified Public Accountant (CPA) brain sweating for your company’s assignments can become a differentiating determinant for your business’s success.

You can Introduce New Services to your Clients

You can introduce the additional services you invariably desired to give to your clients now. As you outsource the services for your accounting and bookkeeping requirements, you have less burden and more time on your hands to design and administer innovative ideas for your business setup in Dubai. You may select the best consultancy firms to help you with the accomplishment of such plans.

Increased Firm’s Valuation

While acquiring or selling a business, the parties involved in the transaction thoughtfully determine the marketability and profitability of the business involved. If you outsource accounting and bookkeeping services, instead of having an in-house department, your company is most likely to be regarded as more profitable than your counterparts that do not outsource.

Need A Hand?

To avail reliable, experienced, efficient, and cost-effective services in Dubai for your company, have a word with our business setup consultants. At KWS Middle East we offer a variety of services like the incorporation of a business, intellectual property, PRO, and visa services for UAE-based companies.

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