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E-commerce, or electronic commerce is the business activity which includes buying and selling of products or services through an electronic medium. In the modern day, it is not necessary for the business to have a physical store in order to provide their customers with good and service, because e-commerce has provided new business opportunities in UAE.

a. After the number of e-commerce users grew, Amazon and E-bay started using e-commerce for retail purposes. Thus, the electronic medium started being used for buying and selling retail items.

b. Today, e-commerce is an emerging sector and investors around the world have put in billions of Dollars’ worth of investment that has paid off. Platforms like Ali Baba and Ali Express have really changed the world of retail.

c. Businesses in the U.S.A and Europe and other parts of the world have started managing their e-commerce websites, apart from the shops and outlets that they own, to improve sales and market share.

d. Businesses provide a larger variety of options on online stores. This helps create business activity on website, which leads to customers visiting their stores. Overall, this helps generate sales for the business.

Let’s talk about the types of e-commerce services

There are various types of business activities and business opportunities in UAE that are now available due to electronic commerce. Let’s talk about some of them

Online shopping is one of the biggest business activities that take place across the globe.

  1. Some organizations use virtual stores to expand their customer bases to areas where their stores do not exist in physical form.
  2. Some businesses use only the electronic medium to operate their businesses, rather than investing in physical infrastructure.

Consumers living abroad are provided easy access to the products and services of businesses that do not have physical stores located in their country.

Electronic payment systems provide users with the ease of making payments for utility bills.

  1. They also allow the user to pay phone, internet, and retail shopping bills etc. through online banking systems.
  2. This brings light to the Internet Banking System. This virtual banking system allows people to go about their regular banking activities without having to visit the physical bank branches.

Another important activity performed through electronic commerce is buying tickets online.

  1. Due to the busy schedules of an individual, the online ticketing services have become popular among people.
  2. It is easier for the individuals to buy tickets online, for travelling purposes as well as for entertainment and sports purposes. They do not have to stand in queues for long time periods.

Virtual auctions can also be performed with the help of e-commerce. Various websites allow sellers to upload their products and services for customers to buy. By using these web-portals, the sellers do not have to worry about investing in their own physical or virtual stores.

What services we offer

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KWS ME provides assistance in the complete process of setting up a new business Setup in Dubai. The offered services also include acquiring visa and licensing, getting the business registered, opening a bank account and PRO services, among other things. The aim of KWS Middle East is to make the process of starting a business Setup in UAE as easy as possible for its clients.

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