What Is a Virtual Office in Dubai and How Does It Work?

September 13, 2023

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most prolific business hubs in the region and Dubai is the most sought-after destination by many foreign investors and entrepreneurs who arrive here to start a business.

Over the past few years, numerous foreign companies have set up shop in Dubai either through branch offices or subsidiaries. These modes of conquering the Dubai market are often utilised by large multinational corporations and conglomerates

Considering the rising trend of startups in Dubai, the concept of virtual office was introduced by the government of Dubai for entrepreneurs seeking a presence in Dubai for their enterprises.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it, let’s demystify virtual offices once and for all. In this blog we will answer all of your queries regarding virtual offices in Dubai and how you can use one for the benefit of your business.

What is a Virtual Office?

So, let’s just dive right into it. What exactly is a virtual office?

A Virtual office (we are using this word quite a lot!) is essentially a way of giving businesses a physical address thus, lending said business credibility amongst its clients.

Virtual offices apart from giving a zip code to an enterprise also provide other office-related services such as:

  • A receptionist that can answer your calls on your behalf and get messages from potential clients and business partners. In most cases. the “receptionist” is not a real person but is a phone answering service!
  • You and your employees can work from anywhere ( working remotely is possible).
  • A legitimate and working mailing address and Video conferencing.

All of this and more are provided by virtual offices in Dubai, besides that these services can be commandeered by startups as they are not at all expensive and are surprisingly affordable.

How Virtual Offices Work

As stated earlier virtual offices are especially popular with start-ups, SMEs and small businesses because these offices provide efficiency and are overall a smart way of doing business in this ever-changing business landscape of Dubai. On top of that, it just cuts down the overhead immensely.

Virtual offices function as one unit to serve a variety of customers but they do not exist in a fixed location.

The creation of office productivity software –that monitors employee activities– and other such services like video conferencing and answering machines have greatly boosted the demand for virtual offices in Dubai.

Key Takeaways

Let’s review what we know so far about the virtual offices of Dubai:

  • A virtual office is a means of providing a company with a physical mailing address.
  • The technological advancements such as video calls, video conference calls, audio conference calls and, messaging services have led to an increased usage of these offices.
  • The costs of operating and maintaining a virtual office are much less than those incurred by a traditional office. Making it very popular among budding entrepreneurs (owners of start-ups).
  • A unique benefit of virtual offices is that: it widens the horizons of businesses. By that what we mean is that it expands the hiring options for businesses as now they don’t have to hire employees who live locally.
  • Another benefit that it offers is to the employees who can now thank the ease virtual office provides can work from a location that is most convenient for them.

As more and more people find ways to work remotely(thanks to the internet revolution), the benefits of having a virtual office are becoming more noticeable.

How to obtain a virtual office in Dubai?

Deciding on a virtual office space instead of a traditional space is a different kind of turmoil that the foreign investors especially young entrepreneurs face at the time of setting up a business in Dubai.

Both the virtual office and traditional offices pose different kinds of pros and cons that should be weighed seriously before making any final decisions.

Even if by some miracle both presented options are viable, it is still advisable that you go with the virtual office in Dubai. Because, all you need in order to get a virtual office is to reach out to our Business Setup Consultants in Dubai and ask for their services. That’s it. Your work here is done. The rest you should leave to us.

We at KWS Middle East will meet with the potential business owner and will file the necessary paperwork on your behalf and provide you with your requested Virtual office services in Dubai.

Virtual Offices Services Available in Dubai

Now, you have decided on using a virtual office in Dubai. Well done! You have made a wise choice, as it has many advantages. One of the many advantages is the services that can be accessed through it.

The virtual office services in Dubai that are offered by most company formation consultancies are:

  • A physical address in either the Dubai mainland or one of the many Dubai Free Zones.
  • A local phone number where your potential clients and business partners can reach you.
  • A mail collection service that will collect both conventional and electronic mails.
  • Conference room rentals are also available in a Dubai Virtual office.

The Advantages of a Virtual Office in Dubai

Apart from being a personalized service, a virtual office has many other benefits that have made it immensely popular in recent times.

Most often then not, virtual offices in Dubai are located in some of the most renowned business centers in the heart of the city and therefore, offer easy access to potential clients.

Other advantages of a Dubai virtual office are:

  • Cheaper than a traditional office
  • No need to buy or rent equipment, as the necessary equipment is already there.
  • No additional cost for maintaining the virtual office is incurred.
  • No need to hire administrative staff for delegating office work.

The number of foreign business owners and entrepreneurs who are choosing virtual offices in Dubai instead of conventional offices has steadily risen up, particularly in the last few years.

Our Business Setup Consultants in Dubai can assist you in selecting the type of office that best suits your business requirements.

The Various Uses of a Virtual Office in Dubai

Virtual offices in Dubai have been a part of Dubai’s business sphere for quite some time now. And as per the UAE government’s policy, these offices must exist physically so as to maintain their legitimacy and legality.

Hence, why these offices are typically located in the Business Centers of Dubai Mainland.

These Virtual offices can be used for various purposes such as:

  • They can provide temporary addresses at the time of business setup and registration in Dubai.
  • They can provide contact points for potential business partners and clients.

What About the Free Zones of Dubai?

This is the most crucial point that you need to remember when it comes to virtual offices in Dubai and that is that they are not available in the Dubai Free zones.

This is because you need to have an actual physical space in these free zones for your business to be registered.

However, there are certain zones that offer “Virtual space” in the form of desks and in some rare cases they may offer conference rooms, thus, satisfying the requirements of the business to have an actual physical address and location.

Need guidance regarding what kind of office space is most suitable for your business? Or are you only looking for some guidance for setting up a business in Dubai? Then look no further. We at KWS Middle East are here to help you.

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Contact us today and book our commitment-free consultation call today with our experts!

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