KWSME Provides Ideas for Company Registration Dubai UAE

October 5, 2023

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KWS Middle East is a business consultancy firm that helps foreign investors with company registration in Dubai. KWSME offers high-quality services to their clients that include all the minor or major steps to finalize the registration.

KWSME understands their customers’ needs and to satisfy them they present a team of professionals who can solve your tangled business issues in any state of UAE.

KWSME provides amazing ideas to register company in Dubai and creates a hassle-free environment for their clients which is their priority.

In Dubai, it is not an easy task to complete pre-registration and post-registration steps within weeks, if you are new to the Dubai business system then it will take months to attain all legal permits from UAE governmental departments.

KWSME advises best ways for Dubai company registration and they will assist you in numerous business activities which are discussed below.

Company Registration Dubai Planning Phase

KWSME team will design a project plan for your startup which will discuss all corporate strategies and business models before sending it to DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development).

KWSME will facilitate you about;

Type of Business activity you will perform in UAE

  • Class of business license (trading, commercial, professional, and tourisms).
  • In which sector you will start your business process (Free zone or mainland).
  • Are you going to use local sponsors or how to complete full ownership papers?

KWSME can provide you profitable ideas under one platform. They can build your firm’s business plan from scratch and develops a remarkable enterprise within weeks. The company registration Dubai is turning into an easy procedure only if you have the support of the business consultancy team.

READCompany Registration in Dubai

The KWSME crew has the best experience to complete your registration steps efficiently and effectively.

Corporate Structure

The corporate structure is the base of your company and if one step gets missing or not fully completed then it may create hurdles for Dubai company registration. KWSME can help you to find the joint venture or shareholders to create a legal base for your enterprise.

KWSME can provide you trustworthy local sponsors to make an authentic deal about the ownership of your company. KWSME can offer you interesting ideas about the Dubai market and what places are suitable for starting a business.

Document and Legal Paperwork Preparation

KWSME can acquire your required documents and assemble them before sending them to DED. The company registration Dubai demands attested copies of your MOA, business model, and company owners’ full details.

KWSME can:

  • Attest your documents from DED, DMCC, Dubai Chamber, and Dubai Courts.
  • KWSME has a legal partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Interior.
  • KWSME can get an online license from DED or Dubai Health Authority.
  • They can get you VISA cards for your family, company partners, and employees.

Translation Services

In Dubai or any state of UAE, the Arabic language is commonly used and the foreign investors must have an Arabic name for their company. The company registration Dubai paperwork mostly occurs in Arabic and you need professional translators who can convert English into Arabic.

KWSME can provide you professional translators who can translate articles of association certificates, sales, and purchase agreements, and important documents to register the company in Dubai.

KWSME can also provide services after company registration Dubai such as consulting lawyers, for proofreading and commercial translation for marketing content.

(Local sponsors)

Bank Account Services

KWSME can provide you the best ideas related to company bank account openings in Dubai or UAE. They can guide you to get a legal account for your company and personal use. KWSME will take the responsibility to get your checkbook and officially enroll with Dubai government departments.

The bank accounts require authentic papers which can present your company’s authenticity. KWSME can handle that and they will try their best to present your company with a clean record.

The best advantage of allowing KWSME to manage your company registration Dubai is that they can create your bank account in any part of the Dubai sector. It can be a mainland or free zone; the banking activities can be handled by KWSME to create ease for their clients.

Office Space Services

Finding a perfect office to get a company registration Dubai permit is extremely difficult for freshers. KWSME can also play a major role to find a suitable office space for rent in Dubai mainland.

There are three major types of office centers in Dubai.

Serviced Office

These offices are fully furnished which comes with all the important appliances that are essential for a small business company.

KWSME can search for your startup a perfect serviced office so that you do not require to search everything by yourself. They can arrange a suitable deal with the room suppliers and get you affordable rooms for rent.

Onshore Office

These offices are for residential and small-scale business entities but not fully furnished so that you can add things according to your economic status.

KWSME can help you to get economical onshore offices for rent to register a company in Dubai.

Free Zone Office

The free zone sectors in UAE or Dubai demand offices to monitor your factory employees’ activities. KWSME can search and find a custom-made free zone office to create a professional industrial workplace in the free zone region.


The business startup can be the first step to expand your business in Dubai. KWSME is the only best business consultancy firm that provides you reasonable solutions and professional legal services at an affordable price.

Simply visit to know more about their services and become a recognizable enterprise in Dubai, UAE.

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