How to Start a Warehouse Business in Fujairah

October 6, 2023

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Fujairah is an emirate situated on the east of the United Arab Emirates. Primary claim to fame of this coastal emirate is its gorgeous beaches and rolling hills. Fujairah is also home to the Hajar Mountains, which run through most of the city. These mountains add to the beauty of the emirate. Fujairah is a vital city regarding Business, not only it is a favoured destination spot for t tourists, but it is also a prime location for businesses as it provides ample opportunities for growth and progression. Hence, Fujairah is not just a pretty face, but it is a city that is playing a significant role in providing economic diversification in the UAE.

The most crucial asset that Fujairah possess is the port of Fujairah, it is the only multi-faceted port on the eastern side of the UAE, and thus most of the business owners are attracted to set up a business in UAE. However, during the initial stages of setup, the problem that is most commonly faced by SMEs and corporation alike is Warehousing. As the warehouse is essential for most businesses, Fujairah’s government has provided excellent facilities that cater to this specific need.

Following are some guidelines that will convince you about the benefits of starting a warehousing Business in Fujairah should be the Business of choice for you:

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1. Essential commodity for Business:

Stated earlier, a warehouse is an absolute necessity for Business. A warehouse is required by almost all businesses, be it a large factory or a grocery store or even a retail shop. One common misconception that nearly everyone has is that: a warehousing facility is only employed by the manufacturing industry as they need a place to store their merchandise. But, in reality, businesses of all shapes, sizes, kind or type need a warehouse.

Absolute necessity makes investing in the warehouse business as an attractive business prospect. That is guaranteed to be a success and turn the investment into sizeable profit.

2. Accommodating Free Zones:

UAE has two Free Zones namely,

Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ).

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA).

Free zones provide many incentives to foreign business owners and investors like flexible taxation and almost no tax on income. These perks incite the investors to begin a business in the UAE, in particular in Fujairah. Furthermore, these Free Zones are now also offering 100% ownership to the international companies, thus cementing UAE as the ultimate business spot

3. Streamlined Business Process:

The United Arab Emirates is a country that is striving to make a name for itself as a prosperous nation that has a diverse and robust economy. To achieve this goal, The UAE government is creating opportunities and streamlining business practices. That includes procurement of business licenses and trade licenses, as in the UAE, businesses require license relevant to their particular line of work. Once you secure these licenses, you can efficiently conduct your Business.

4. Expo 2020:

UAE is hosting the world’s biggest gala, the Expo 2020: the event where who’s who of the Business, technology, economic, entertainment and political world will gather. This global exhibit is touted to attract over 25 million visitors from 192 participating countries! The projected profits from Expo 2020 is in approximately north of $23 billion. The hotel, retail and manufacturing industry are expected to profit from this Expo as well because of which the need for Warehouse business will also increase.

5. Smooth Business setup:

Business in a foreign land is not an easy task. Moreover, the technicalities of obtaining licenses and trading permits make this a tiresome task. But the UAE government has made business setup process reasonably easy. They have clearly defined rules and methodology that guide the newcomer efficiently through the setup process.

A word of advice. If you are planning to set up a business in Fujairah or Dubai, the best course of action that you should opt is hiring business setup consultants simply because they can make your life much more comfortable.

The best choice in this regard is KWS Middle East, they will deal with the tiresome part of the setup while you focus on building your business.

Contact us today and book your commitment-free consultation call!

For further queries email at info@kwsme.com

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