Five Ways to Invest in Blockchain in Dubai

October 12, 2023

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Blockchain technology is one of the most anticipated advancements that have the potential to reshape and reform the finance world. It has the inherent ability to transform the traditional way of doing business in several areas completely. By using Blockchain technology in day to day business activities, the government of Dubai wants to elevate the ease of doing business factor considerably. The Blockchain tech has many applications; it can be used as a digital spreadsheet, which is shared between all the members of a decentralized network. Besides that, it can be used to confirm payments received through Bitcoin. The applications of this technology are endless.

The technology’s ever-expanding influence has curved Blockchain investing in a comparatively uncomplicated task.

Here are the five best ways to dive in and invest in blockchain technology in Dubai today.

1. Become a Digital Asset Investor

The most popular approach to invest in blockchain technology is by turning into a digital asset investor. As a digital asset investor, your job would entail you investing in assets that dwell on a blockchain. If you are already familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum, and Ripple. Then investing in these types of cryptocurrencies is comparatively simple. You can set up an account on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges of your choice, like Coinbase or Gemini. After you have made the account, you can start your business by buying your desired crypto.

2. Invest in Blockchain Businesses

Investing in blockchain technology does not mean you are restricted to buying tokens. You can also make traditional investments in companies that specialize in blockchain products and services. Unfortunately, your options for public blockchain investments are at the moment, rather scant but are growing every day as more and more people turn to blockchain technology in Dubai. Most blockchain-focused firms operating in the UAE are not large enough to warrant a public listing in the company registry yet but will be soon. More practical means to invest in blockchain companies involve angel investing and crowdfunding.

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3. Invest in Organization Implementing Blockchain

If you are comparatively risk-averse, investing in the organizations that do not specialize in Blockchain yet still execute the technology could be an excellent option for you. They can give you the opportunity of dabbling in the Blockchain tech without exposing yourself to too much risk of failure. Because these organizations are not wholly dependent on the success of blockchain technology, thus providing much safer investment options for someone just trying things out. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that there are already many publicly-traded businesses that have included blockchain technology to their business ecosystem. Many of them are working right here in Dubai. Consider opening your business setup in Dubai in this domain.

4. Invest Time in Learning and Understanding Blockchain Development

The thing about blockchain technology is it’s a paradigm shift. It has the immense potential to revolutionize the way we transfer information, much like how the internet changed everything. First came the internet-connected computers and then smartphones put computers on our person. Those are exciting and heady concepts that were considered impossible before but now are a reality. And Blockchain adds the potential of transference of something of value and utility between two computers on two persons efficiently, safely, and securely.

Do the required research, invest the time in learning the technology, and then invest your hard-earned money in it.

5. Invest in Coins and Tokens

Even though cryptocurrency is not technically Blockchain, it is still the most prominent and widely-used way of investing in the application of this technology. It is also, however, the riskiest of risky options available. With tokens and coins, you are also betting that you are not just fastening your car to a runaway train. That the company in whom you are investing in has its ethics in check and that there is no pump-and-dump or a part of a Ponzi scheme either deliberately or accidentally. And that you are not going to get tricked, hacked, blackmailed, or subpoenaed.

As with all monetary investments, one of the excellent ways to invest in blockchain technology is to disperse your holdings. However, you should not restrict your diversification to blockchain investments; invest across several industries as well.

Doing so ensures that an unpredictable market development does not run you dry and bankrupt. Because blockchain technology is still emerging, developing, and a volatile industry, you need to guard yourself against any unfavorable risks as much as you can.

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