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Dubai Free Zone Visa Procedures

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Dubai is a place where people from all over the world live, work and invest. The UAE government has made it easy for entrepreneurs to move around and do business in Dubai. One of the most important requirements for an overseas company to operate in Dubai is to have an Emirati local partner/sponsor & obtain a visa to stay & run a business maintaining rules & regulations.

Out of more than 30 free zones in UAE, 30 of them are present in Dubai only. The Dubai Freezone is a global hub for business that offers consistent business growth, larger investment opportunities, simple & straightforward Dubai Freezone Visa process & the most attractive tax-free regime. 

The Dubai Freezone Authority offers a simplified immigration procedure for foreign nationals or expats. Foreign nationals who wish to work in the Dubai Freezone need to apply for an employment visa. Two types of employment visas are available- resident visas and non-resident visas. Visa service in Dubai is pretty easy & cost-effective, parti0, if you choose free trade zone to conduct business.

For company formation in Dubai, you need to hold an operating license. Once this is done, you must have to apply for visas for employees and family members who will be living here.

Rules & Regulations For Free Zone Visa Procedure

Rules & Regulations For Free Zone Visa Procedure

  • Business owners or entrepreneurs who intend to register their business in Dubai free zone are eligible to apply for the employment visa or investor visa. The validation of investor visas is for 3 years only. Once you obtain an investor visa, your staff or employees can apply for a residence visa.
  • If you work in a company that is registered as a free zone company then, you can apply for a residence visa which is valid for also 3 years.
  • All types of visas are issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE without taking any concern of the UAE Ministry of labor. So, the process of getting the visa gets more straightforward, unlike in another economic zone.
  • Working outside the territory of the free trade zone is strictly prohibited under the Free zone visa’s rules & regulations, as companies don’t have any full UAE labor contract. You need a NOC issued by the ministry of labor to get a work permit.

Step By Step Guide For Free Zone Visa in Dubai

Step By Step Guide For Free Zone Visa in Dubai

Free Zone visa in Dubai involves 5 simple steps to get the visa. Free Zone authorities or any experienced business consultant can help you throughout the process to successfully submit an application form with related documents & paperwork following the above-mentioned rules & regulations.

Step1: Registration For E-channel Services

E-channel services registration is a new online application system designed by the UAE government with the slogan Smart Services With Future Vision & it eliminates any physical paperwork to make the visa process faster & convenient than ever before. Out of seven emirates, this smart immigration system has been implemented in six emirates.

Instead of visiting an immigration office or typing center, businesses & individuals can simply apply for visas, residence permits, etc. The whole process will cost you around AED 2500-AED-500 with an annual cost of AED 1000. You can pay online & able to print the applicable permits at home. The registration process for the E-channel portal can be done by any free zoned agent or free zone authorized typing center. After getting a confirmation message from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), your profile will be created for the E-channel services.

Step2: Apply For Entry Permit or Employment Visa

Apply For Entry Permit or Employment Visa

After successfully creating an account on the E-channel portal, the next step is required to apply for the entry permit also known as an employment visa. This is considered a temporary visa which is valid for 60 days. You can obtain this entry permit within 15 working days or otherwise on an emergency basis, you have to pay AED 1000 for getting the visa within 5-7 days.

According to the UAE visa regulations, you are not allowed to leave the country after applying for an employment visa. Doing this type of activity may lead to disparity in your immigration file, which could delay the visa process.

Step3: Status Change or Status Adjustment

Activation of your entry permit is called status change or status adjustment. You can’t complete your visa process without changing the status. Three different ways for status change:

  • in-country status requires you to submit your employment visa to the immigration office, who will further stamp it activate for further processing. Thus process takes 3 to 5 days to get the job done. It is the simplest method from other 2 ways & this can be only applicable if you are in Dubai 
  • out-country status is applicable if you have a plan to leave UAE for some time, but in the meantime, your employment visa will be issued. You can show your visa to the immigration office at the airport & the duty officer will stamp & issue the visa after checking all the details.
  • border run process requires, exiting or leaving the country by land then re-entering while presenting the employment visa to the immigration officer & getting a stamp on it. This process is applicable for the passport holders of UAE which offers on-arrival visas.

Step4: Medical Fitness Test & Emirates Id

Medical Fitness Test & Emirates Id

A medical test is mandatory for obtaining a visa in UAE. It includes a simple blood test & chest X-ray test which may be completed within a few hours & you will get the report after three working days.

After getting the results of the medical test, you need to apply for Emirates Id cards which are issued by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. This is considered as an identity card & a legal requirement for the UAE citizens & residents that leverages many advantages like an open bank account, getting government contracts, documents to pass the immigration, etc. If you are applying for the first time you have to go to the specific authority to give your biometric details. This Id card is valid for 3-years & costs you around AED 370.

Step5: Stamping Residence Visa

Stamping Residence Visa

To complete the visa process done, you need to stamp the residence visa. In this process, you will get an actual visa stamp or sticker on your passport. To get the stamp, you have to submit the passport to the immigration office & it will take 15 days to get the job done. In this process, you are refrained from going outside the country.

Wrap Up!

Dubai has been a popular destination for expats and investors for decades. Dubai’s government is taking proactive steps to make sure that it remains an attractive & business-friendly destination for expats by introducing new visa policies. One such policy is the free zone visa process which makes it much more advantageous for global investors to explore different kinds of business culture in Dubai. The above-mentioned visa process is easy to navigate for the foreign investor so that they can take the decision of investing much more quickly. Furthermore, you can’t clear all the processes by yourself, so it is recommended to get in touch with any business setup service that can assure you to help you in this entire process with proper experts. Our experts are here to help you with Dubai airport free zone company formation.

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